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LOVE BITES part 55

Life speaks a lot

"I met some selfish people in my life who tried taking my advantage all time. What can I do? Do I protest against them? No. I am not. It was my destiny with whom I am fighting right now. I felt so insulted when my ex colleagues from my previous office started gossiping about my relationship with Abhimanyu. I felt bad when my group head behaved so nicely with me but after knowing my critical situation, he complained against me. I felt insulted who attended my marriage and enjoyed an expensive marriage ceremony with fun but when I was dieing I have seen they were doing party and they didn't invite me. I felt insulted when some bustard behaved nicely just to take my advantage, they wanted to sleep with me. I will never forget them who tried breaking me more when I was broken badly. Every wounds, every marks are still alive in me. I will not forget. I will never forget them who were with me at this situation also, who inspired me all time. All friends are not bad or selfish. Some are still there who supports me, encourages me." Plabon was talking to Rajib, her best friend at a tea shop. Rajib put his hand on Plabon's shoulder and said " everything will be fine Popcorn. "

Pla:" hmm"

Rajib: Avoid them who discourages you saying all this nonsense that why did you choose him, why did you trust him bla bla bla. Leave this 'why' category people because they can only give free advices ,free criticisms, that's it. Anyway, tell me one thing, have you talked with Rehan?

Pla: Rehan? Who's he?

Rajib: your crush obviously.

Pla: I didn't expect his name from you now. You are changing the track. He was my crush once, but when he told me directly that he can't help me getting information of Abir because he is in police service then I felt like my crush was a wrong person. Thank God, I am learning to identify people and understanding that my choice was so bad and poor. Hahaha. From Rehan to Abhay to Abir, uff all bullshits. By mistake he was my crush. By mistake Abhay was my boyfriend and by mistake Abir was my few days husband. All mistakes of mine. I did very bad with myself Rajjo. I cried a lot for these three persons badly. I wasted my tears for them. I didn't do fair with myself. I am regretting now. I am such a stupid yaar.

Rajib: It's OK, mistakes happen in life, there are so many ways to improve sweetheart.

Pla: hmm I know. By the way Saibal has invited for his marriage next week, remember?

Saibal Mishra was Plabon's old office colleague who is a very good friend of Plabon and Rajib.

Plabon smiled and said "of course I will go, he is such a good guy, he was there in my bad times encouraging me, how can I forget him. He liked me during my office days, he had crush on me too, hehehe, he supported me all the time. He inspires me all the time. I will go definitely. "

Rajib: hmm I know. What will you wear by the way?

Pla: My new black and pink benarasi Saree with my favorite baby pink roses for my hair. You will wear Punjabi that day OK? "

Rajib: yes, definitely.

Pla: After a long time I am going to meet him. I am really exited. It was my 1st job, all colleagues were so nice with me. I still have connections with them. You know what the last day of my office I cried a lot. Still when I cross the building, I feel nostalgic, it was my 1st job. I was only twenty years old, I was the youngest person in office. I really love those days. It was the best office.

Rajib: hmm, I know. I went to your office.

Pla: I have all the gifts which I got from my seniors. My grandfather was alive that time who loved me so much. I miss him, if he was there during this wedding he could stop all this blunder. There was none, my father, my grandfather, my maternal grandmother everyone left me before, there was none to save me.

Plabon's eyes were full of tears, Rajib put his hand on Plabon's head and said "we, all have different phases in life. You had too. You have crossed it. Just wait and watch, everything will be good now. You have passed your bad times. I am there yaar, I didn't get the scope dancing at your wedding, I will do it in future. Now please fulfill my dreams. I want some beautiful nieces and nephews. "

Pla: hahaha, very funny, I will fulfill your dreams without getting married too darling. I will dance 1st.

Rajib: I am not getting any girl what can I do?

Pla: you will get at right time. Don't worry. Let's go.

Rajib and Plabon started walking to go home.

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I am a writer, writing a series here, hope young people like can relate themselves with this series 'Lovebites .' Stay tuned ..

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