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LOVE BITES part 52

Life speaks a lot

Doorbell was ringing. Dorothy opened the door. Jordon entered with Rishita's brother.

Plabon shouted "what's going on guys? "

Jordon sat beside Plabon and asked"Don't you know anything?

Pla: no, this girl is just wasting my time.

Jordon looked at Dorothy and asked: "Dorothy, why didn't you tell her?"

Dorothy smiled and said "I wanted to give her surprise too, just for fun. ".

Pla: what do you mean fun? Do you have idea about situation right? Listen I am not so rich like you who has enough time and money to waste. I am already in trouble, you are saying just for fun, wow. Disgusting.

Jor:Calm down Plabon, I am telling you Plabon. We are planning to surprise Rishi I mean for surprise birthday party. Uncle aunty will join us. Rishi doesn't know anything.

Doro: We will surprise her at 12am. Then tomorrow we shall celebrate.

Pla: So you called me for her surprise birthday?

Doro: yes.

Plabon looked at Dorothy with anger. She told "I am leaving now, my mother is alone. I will call Rishi at 12am and wish her. It's not possible to stay till 12am. I have to go. "

Doro: Please Plabon, for Rishi, please stay.

Pla: you just shut up. I have to go.

Plabon was in a hurry, she opened the door and came outside. She took a taxi and came back to her apartment. She was thinking "this girl is just disgusting. I need to throw her out from my life. " She was so disturbed thinking about the previous situation created by Dorothy.

She massaged in a group of Ruhi and Shrestha and her.

Pla: hey gals, what's up?

Ruhi: hey.

Shre: I am dieing friends.

Ruhi: uff, again you started.

Shre: I want to seduce him.

Pla: Do it. You have already seduced him.

Shres: He used me.

Pla: how?

Shres: We were physical.

Plabon became exited and said : "you didn't have sex with him, stop blaming him. You were fine doing whatever he did with you. You were not forced."

Ruhi: how many times we have to tell you that leave Ajay, the teddy bear.

Shre: you are so strong, I can't move on.

Plabon stopped communicating in group and massaged Ruhi personally.

Pla: I am already disturbed, this girl has started again. Sometimes I feel to leave this group yaar.

Ruhi: calm down, you know her. She never has never been changed. I am also fed up making her understand little things.

Pla: I know, I know.

Ruhi: tell me one thing, are you dating someone?

Pla: no yaar, I don't want to.

Ruhi:hmm but you should move on, you have wasted your valuable time on the sample piece no.1 Abir. I am requesting you not to continue.

Pla: hmm, tell me one thing.

Ruhi: what?

Pla: Have you ever been kissed a foreigner?

Ruhi: Kissing is like buttery soft creamy matter, it's a very good exercise, you should do it with anyone but you have to enjoy.

Pla: hmm, it's your favorite exercise I know. Hahaha you are so funny.

Ruhi: Shrestha is massaging in group continuously. You and me are mute right now, she is not stoppable at this moment.

Pla: leave her. Let her do whatever she wants. She will not listen to us.

Ruhi: hmm.

Plabon came back to her apartment.

Plabon didn't call Rishita and texted her 'Happy birthday ' and sleep.

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I am a writer, writing a series here, hope young people like can relate themselves with this series 'Lovebites .' Stay tuned ..

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