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LOVE BITES part 50

Life speaks a lot

Plabon became ready to go for an interview, she was not so confident to attend any interview. She decided to tell her case to the interviewer when they would ask her about a long gap after her previous job. But she felt she should not mention that thing to the interviewer anymore.

She went to an automobile company for a managerial post. The general manager was interviewing her who was not about her skills but her personal life. She was shocked too when she came to know that he knew all from her previous office. She was feeling uncomfortable. When the GM was asking about her colleagues from previous office, she was feeling to leave that place. She wanted to move on from every past experiences but that interview was reminding her everything.

She remembered the 1st day of her office in her previous company, she met different people. She met some people who made her life disgusting, from Abhimanyu to Anurag, Chayanda to Timir, Adhijit, Sayantan all of them were playing different roles to make her down. She didn't want to live that life again. But she got some good people in that office also who always encouraged her like Pranoy, her colleague, Madhuridi always supported her during her bad times, Louis who is close to Plabon who is like a brother to her even after leaving the office. None had any bad perception about Plabon. She had a good time too still those insults which she never forget reminding the helplessness, the pain. She was feeling bad but those colleagues were enjoying.

But experiences always give some inputs in your character. It makes you strong enough to handle hard times.

After the interview Plabon came back to home.

After getting fresh she sat for lunch with her mother. Her mother said "what happened? Are you joining here. "

Pla: " The GM knows Soumyada, Abhimanyu, he was reminding me everything."

Mother : " Don't join. I cant see you as a frustrated, depressed girl like before. You left the previous company, it will remind you that, you don't need to join. Wait for sometimes, you will get a good job. Don't join. "

Pla: " hmm. "

Mother: "After lunch, take rest for sometime then start painting. Concentrate on your painting business. "

Pla: "But this month I have not sold anything, lack of customers. "

Mother: It's OK. Everyone will not understand the value of your art, it doesn't mean you will stop it.

Pla: hmm.

Plabon lied on her bed and started sending her resume to some mail ids.

Dorothy called her " Hi, can we meet? It's urgent. "

Pla: "I am tired dear, I need some rest. "

Doro: please meet me in the evening. I will be waiting near the shopping mall adjacent to your apartment.

Plabon was not at all interested to meet Dorothy still she said "ok"

Dorothy was waiting in her car. She was not driving the car, Rishita's old driver Ramuji was driving. Plabon came and sat with Dorothy at back.

Doro: thanks for coming.

Pla: where are we going by the way?

Doro: don't ask me now.

Plabon didn't ask anything. The car came to a hotel. Dorothy said " come with me. "

Plabon was surprised. She said "here? What will we do hers? "

Doro: please come with me.

Plabon went with her. Plabon and Dorothy came to a room. Dorothy closed the door.

Plabon's heart was beating faster. Why did Dorothy come here? What did she want to do with Plabon?

Plabon sat on the soft bed of this expensive hotel but she was sweating in AC. Dorothy looked at the window and said "don't be scared. I am not going to seduce you."

Pla: what are we doing here?

Doro : I will tell you later. Go and get fresh and relax. We will stay here tonight.

Pla: what rubbish. I am not going to stay here. No way. You can't force me to stay with you at night.

Doro: it's a request.

Pla: no, I can't stay.

Doro: OK. At least you can give your time for few hours.

Pla: what do you want exactly.

Dorothy was silent, Plabon was sweating faster.

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I am a writer, writing a series here, hope young people like can relate themselves with this series 'Lovebites .' Stay tuned ..

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