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LOVE BITES part 49

Life speaks a lot

"how can I kiss you? I am not in love with you. How can you kiss someone whom you don't love just for fun? "

Plabon asked Jordon then she thought this guy was british. Plabon said before Jordon "hey, let's go, I will be late, we have to go now. "

After reaching home Jordon called her. She didn't receive his call intentionally.

Plabon was watching Abir's photo when she got a call from Harpreet. Harpreet met a guy through a dating site, she told about this guy to Plabon.

Har: hi, I need to talk to you.

Pla: tell me,

Har: I started liking him but can't trust. I am feeling so disturbed, don't understand what to do.

Pla: No Preet ,I told you to date only but the way you are talking it's like you are falling in love with him. Please, listen, If you ask me, I will say don't trust a guy . We all are in the same boat, I met multiple guys and they all have the same intention to be physical with you. Nothing else. A separated and divorced woman should be careful when we were unmarried the scenario was different yaar. You have suffered a lot yaar, better to avoid this guys.

Har: But he is saying that he loves me.

Pla: really? How can you believe him? You can date but be careful. Even your friends who are men, they can encourage you saying you are pretty, you qualified bla bla but end of the day none will come and stand with your side and say I still like you, move on and marry me. Lol all these men. Please don't trust. You are not yet divorced, stay away this guy Preet.

Har: I am getting emotional with Virat, he is on student visa. In future he wants to settle with me. He wants to marry me. But I can't trust properly but also I am...

Pla: OMG, I am damn sure this guy is playing with your emotion only just because he wants to settle in Canada, you are a citizen, it will be easy for him. Preet, just stay away from that guy.

Har: hmm. I understand but I just can't control my emotions.

Pla: I told you about my experience yaar. Please don't be abused again by a man. I got many proposals after my broken marriage but trust me, I never trusted anyone. I just can't.

Har: OK , I will try staying away from him.

Harpreet said goodnight and cut the call.

Plabon just closed her eyes and thought she is so unlucky, always get too many admirers, but never get a man, real man in life till now. She used to like fairytales once. She had a dream always that her man would come with a bunch of baby pink roses and propose her in front of the whole world and say loudly "you are mine Plabon, my queen." Plabon started thinking about it and laughing. She was thinking " I am so stupid, always live in a imaginative world and wait for a miracle, why and how? After this accident which broke me into pieces, still I am dreaming all this nonsense, so strange, what a character you are Plabon. I just can't trust men still I am waiting for a king, wow, you silly girl. You met all this sample pieces in life, you are dreaming of a king, really?? It's just ridiculous. "

Plabon looked at her own painting of Lord Ganesha and asked in mind "Why have you chosen me for this blunder? Why did you introduce some sample pieces like Anurag, Abhimanyu, Abir to me, what do you want exactly Gannu? Please stop, I don't want more sample pieces in my life. "

She smiled and sat with a pencil and art paper. She was feeling to draw something.

Plabon was trying to draw the nude girl of that exhibition which attracted her most. She was trying to draw the girl, her pain.

Jordon was calling continuously, Plabon finally received his call.

Pla: tell me Jordon.

Jor: I want to meet you once again before going to London.

Pla: why?

Jor: just want to say goodbye. I like you Plabon, I will not tell you to kiss me.

Pla: hmm OK.

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I am a writer, writing a series here, hope young people like can relate themselves with this series 'Lovebites .' Stay tuned ..

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