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LOVE BITES part 48

Life speaks a lot

Plabon was waiting at a cafeteria for Jordon near Rishita's home. Jordon came in Kurta Punjabi like an Indian guy, everyone of the cafeteria was looking at him. He came to Plabon and said "hey beautiful lady. "

Plabon wore a jeans and t shirt. Plabon smiled and said "hey Jordon, you look like an Indian today, Kurta Punjabi, wow, I am impressed dear. "

They ordered cold coffee and snacks. Jordon said "I heard something about your case from Rishi and Dorothy. "

Pla: " yup, I am a married bachelor unfortunately. "

Jor: you are single that's it. Can I ask you something?

Pla: sure, please.

Jor: do you love him till now?

Pla: why are you asking this?

Jor: I just want to know. I wish I could date you.

Pla: hey don't do it dear. I am a very complicated girl. You stay in London, I stay in Kolkata, no way.

Jor: I am not forcing you dear. I like Indian girls they are different from others.

Pla: The girls like me, we are fools. We easily don't fall in love but if we do, we forget everything.

Jor: hmm I know. Leave that.

Pla: OK leave, now tell me where do you want to go now?

Jor: I don't know much about Kolkata, I am your guest and you are my guide. So, I will follow your commands.

Plabon decided to go to Victoria Memorial with Jordon. Both of them came to Victoria Memorial 1st then Rabindra Sadan, a famous and old place of Kolkata for movie and theatre lovers specially. A painting exhibition by fine arts students, was going on at Rabindra Sadan, Plabon always liked to attend these exhibitions. She came with Jordon. She was watching the paintings carefully. There was a painting of naked girl, who was sad, broken. Plabon liked that picture so much. Jordan asked "what are you thinking about this picture? "

Pla: What's visible here nudity or pain?

Jor: only pain. She is in pain. Nudity defines her pain only.

Pla: Yes Jordon, she is just like me. My society made me naked after this fraud marriage, my friends say my life is spoiled , they can't see my pain. She is nude but she is not attracting men through her nudity.

Jordon was looking at Plabon and listening to her.

After that they came to Princep Ghat, a famous historical riverside spot in Kolkata. People specially couples like to spend time here.

Plabon and Jordon sat on a bench. Jordon looked at the Ganges and said"its beautiful like you. "

Plabon smiled and said "this river is also alone like me. "

Jor: " what are your plans for future? Will you not get married again? "

Pla: " I don't know. "

Jor: I had a girlfriend, before coming to India I broke up with her.

Pla: why did you break up?

Jor: she called in love with someone else.

Pla: what?

Jor: yaa, she was not interested in me. Her new boyfriend performed better on bed.

Pla: how do you know? Did you check or your girlfriend told that?

Jor: I felt so.

Both of them started laughing.

Jordon kept Plabon's hand suddenly and said " Can I kiss you once? "

Pla: "no Jordon. "

Jor: "why? "

Plabon looked at the river and said : "I can't."

Jordon didn't leave her hand.

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I am a writer, writing a series here, hope young people like can relate themselves with this series 'Lovebites .' Stay tuned ..

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