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LOVE BITES part 43

Life speaks a lot

Plabon was coming from temple, Mrs. Jaya Bhaduri from her complex talking with Mrs. Disha Choudhury at couplex park ,called suddenly "hey Plabon".

Plabon came to them and told "hello aunty. "

Jaya: Sit here, tell me what do you think about your drama for this year, you are supposed to write for us. You promised me you will write if you are in India or Canada.

Plabon had a drama group in her complex, Jaya Bhadhuri is the director of this group. Disha Choudhury is also a part of this group. Others are there.

Plabon became exited and told"yes,aunty, I have started writing about my life.. "

Jaya interfered "Shut up. You have not yet started your life, you are a little girl for us, an accident can't change you. You have a bright future. "

Disha: Start writing dear, you are such a talented girl, don't waste your talent, you are our pride always.

Plabon remembered when she was getting married, Mrs. Bhaduri told her father in law " our heroine has to leave our drama now, we are sad but we are happy that she is going to start her new life. She is such a talented girl, we hope she will get appropriate love and respect from your family. She is our complex's pride, we can't think our group without her. "

Plabon smiled and said "I will write our drama this year, I promise you aunty. Acting is in my blood, because my father was an actor. Writing is my passion. I will rock again."

After the long conversation Plabon came to her home.

She was looking at the mirror, when she was in washroom. The old enthusiastic Plabon was standing in front of her. She asked "Why did you kill me Plabon? "

Plabon answered "I was finished. "

Virtual Plabon asked her again "you have given chance to drunkard Abhimanyu making you a drunkard, smoker. You have given the chance to this Anurag who was playing with your emotions. They made you a prostitute. Your so called husband has already made you a prostitute in front of this people. You have given the chance to Sudip Aich who tried to be physical with you. What's the difference between you and a prostitute? Only they sleep with so many and your mind sleeps with many just to forget Abir? Prostitute.. You are a prostitute. "

Pla: No.. No... I am not a prostitute. I have my values, they are still alive.

"Hahaha... Your values are bulshit, you marked as married, who's husband left her. That's why this men came to take your advantage. "

Plabon was panting "I left that office, they were so corrupted. They insulted my self respect all time but I protested. I removed those cheaters from my life. I removed all."

Virtual Plabon asked her again" Why did you give importance to them who abused you, hurt your self-respect ? You are a fool Plabon. Are you a state level gold medalist in dancing? Are you a Master degree in maths? Are you a writer? Are you a painter?

No you are not. Your identity is you are an abused, cheated, abandoned by her NRI husband. Your mark will be forever. The society will remind you every time, your life is spoiled, your friends will remind you, the cheaters like Anurag reminds you. Your life is finished Plabon. "

Plabon shouted "No... No.. I am not yet finished, my life is not spoiled, One-day a real man loves not only my looks, my talent but also my wounds, my marks. The abusers were impotents for me. An abuser, the red sindur or sakha pola will not decide my future. You get lost. "

Plabon opened the shower for an hour.

In dinner table she told suddenly to her mother "I lost myself, I hate this automobiles company, through this company I met some cheap people who made my life a hell. I forgot myself, I lost my two years working here. "

Her mother told "no, the cheaters came to your life to present the reality in front of you. You took lessons from them which will help you in future."

Pla: they tried breaking me.

Mother: You removed them, they tried breaking you, but they were unable to do that. Start writing for yourself and your drama group. All people are not bad at all.

Pla:hmm I will start after dinner.

Her mother touched her head and told " I was a brilliant student in class, got scholarship, I was a fabulous singer, but my married life took everything from me. My talents are limited in me only. I don't want to see you in the same situation. God has given you everything looks, talent, education and the most important thing is you are stubborn. Wake up and live your life, utilize your talents. No cheaters will get the chance to play with your emotions. Live your life doesn't mean you are beautiful so you will date so many, no not like that. Concentrate on your talents, then think about dating. I know you had so many admirers, you have. So stop thinking about those people who makes you disturbed."

Plabon smiled and said "hmm. I will. By the way I have admirers that's not fault."

Her mother started laughing.

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I am a writer, writing a series here, hope young people like can relate themselves with this series 'Lovebites .' Stay tuned ..

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