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LOVE BITES part 37

Life speaks a lot

Plabon started again. "I was very nervous, it was our 1st night. But I noticed Abir was not nervous. He closed the door and switched of the lights. My heart was beating faster because just few days before whom I didn't know properly, today he is my husband. There are so many dreams in my eyes about my husband, my new life but I was waiting for more than one hour he didn't come. "

Har: what was he doing?

Pla: He was busy talking to phone.

Har: What?

Plabon: hmm, I hugged a pillow tightly and I was lying on bed, full of rose petals. I was waiting for my husband, but he came to me for a long time and without asking me anything he started removing my...

Har: if you are not comfortable, please don't say about this.

Pla: no it's OK. He didn't kiss me or hug me, but removed my panty 1st, I was scared, I knew he was my husband but suddenly he came and did this, I never expected. I was feeling uncomfortable, but..

Har: he was unable to do, he made you fool.

Pla: he was unable to be intimate with me, so he said 'today is our 1st day, we will try later, let's leave it now.

Har: Wow, what a husband.

Pla: I was scared and sad too because our 1st night was a joke. We shared bed like strangers.

Har : Why didn't you stop him giving chance making you a fool? He was so clever I understand now. He was trying to conceal his disputes to you.

Pla: I remember he never gave me any compliments ever, I felt bad sometimes. I was runners up in a beauty contest at 2013, I always get pampered by everyone that I am pretty, but Abir was not at all interested to watch me or my beauty. I was feeling that he was in a different world.

Har: Is he a gay or impotent?

Plabon: I don't know, I spent few days with him and the bitter truth of my life is I am still virgin. But I assured him when he came to my home during 'Astamangala'. After that he went to Canada.

Har: what's that?

Pla: Pakfera in hindi.

Har: oh OK, then what happened?

Pla: I asked him that he has any physical problem or not but he asked me' if I have any physical problem will you leave me? I said no to him and assured him that as a wife I will go for his treatment. I promised him that I will never discuss his problems to anyone.

Har: But he made you a fool, he bookedthe tickets for Canada without informing you in a sudden basis and came here to Canada. Such a criminal yaar. He should be in jail I must say.

Pla: I want it too. We were planning to go for honeymoon because we didn't start our exact married life, I wanted some privacy with him which I was not getting properly in his home, suddenly he cut the tickets and said by mistake I have booked my tickets for Canada and I have to go.

Har: what the fuck. How clever he is. Seriously he is a criminal.

Pla: my bad luck.

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I am a writer, writing a series here, hope young people like can relate themselves with this series 'Lovebites .' Stay tuned ..

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