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LOVE BITES part 35

Life speaks a lot

" I was working in an automobile company when my mother was looking for a groom for me. I rejected so many because I was not ready getting married. Through newspaper ad my family contacted Abir's family. I had some confusion about Abir because he is a NRI. Still when Abir called me from Canada I talked with him for a long period. I felt he is OK. His father wanted his marriage earlier within thirteen days because his brother was engaged with someone, without his elder son's marriage his younger son didn't get married. I was not agree 1st. But I took the decision when I saw Abir in front of me. We are talking in his room for hours. Our marriage was fixed by our parents. I had some pressure also. I didn't have any affair so there was no valid reason to say 'no'.

But my 'yes' changed my life forever. Everyone was saying that it's too hurry taking this decision but I liked him a lot. I don't know why, how, when. It was my love at 1st sight I agreed.

I got married to Abir within thirteen days. It's weird to listen to that how could I agree. But it just happened.

My wedding was happened in a expensive banquet hall where all invitees were gathered and everyone was wondered my family arranged everything in a short period .

It was a mistake that I invited some of my office colleagues ,some of them were so cheap who spreaded rumours about me before after a long time I heard about them , you won't believe some of them were not invited still they came. When I was suffering in my bad condition some tried taking my advantage, some of them never came to me and asked how am I. But I regret I celebrated my birthday once with all these colleagues. I learned selfishness and professionalism from them.

Many close friends were unable to attend my wedding because it was too hurry .

After getting married when I was in lift with Abir, coming down for ground floor. Abir kissed me in lift. He touched me 1st. He told me ''I wanted to do it but didn't get the chance. "

After completing dinner we came to my special room booked in the banquet.

We bengalees have some tradition called 'Basor Raat' where the bride and groom are surrounded by bride's relatives and friends, they don't sleep for whole night. We didn't have our 'basor rat'. None was there.

His brother slept on our bed. All were tired. Abir switched off light and came closer to me. He tried removing my clothes but I stopped him because his brother was present in our room. I told him to wait for our 'suhag raat' ,in Bengali it is called 'fulsajja. ' He stopped. But he hugged me and kissed me but I was feeling so awkward, I didn't know why. I felt the way he was kissing, there was no love, no emotion.

The next day morning I became ready to go his home, my mother was crying and requesting him to take care of me. He kept my mother's hands and said 'I will take care of her. '

When I sat for lunch, his mother gave blackish coloured one fish curry and rice. I was hungry, after watching this tears came into my eyes. I never ate this things in my home. I was always treated as a princess in my home. A well garnished food is served to me always. I didn't have any particular room in their house so I was shocked a little bit."

Plabon stopped.

After listening to this Harpreet asked" what about Abir? Where was he and why didn't he bother about? "

Plabon laughed and said " a pre planned game was happening and I was a part of it. My family was roasted."

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I am a writer, writing a series here, hope young people like can relate themselves with this series 'Lovebites .' Stay tuned ..

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