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LOVE BITES part 33

Life speaks a lot

Life always surprise you.

Once a time Plabon was not getting any path for justice, she felt she was finished, she couldn't do anything, but after meeting the group where she met other victims like her who were suffering and fighting for their rights, she got a new life-ine.

'We can' is the group of many victims who are fighting for justice. Plabon met a group member Seemathrough a social networking site. She introduced her in this group. She met many sufferers like her. When she became depressed all were there to encourage her. All have their own stories. Plabon felt she is not alone.

She met Ruchi who has three years old daughter , who was abandoned by her NRI husband when she was three months pregnant, her abuser didn't come to India till now. She was fighting from last two years. She always inspired Plabon and gave her own example.

Ru: look at me Plabon, when my three years old daughter asks me about his father, I break down but can't show her and her father who is in USA enjoying his life. If I can handle the situation and survive then why not you? You are beautiful, educated, don't be disheartened, this accident can make you more stronger than before. Plabonmade some friends in this group. She has a very good friend Preet from this group who lives in Toronto, Canada.

When Preet becomes so tensed she calls Plabon. Plabon also massaged her when she feels low.

Plabon was noticing once that Preet was not replying for last few days to her what's app massages. Plabon was worried about her.

One-day morning she got a call from Preet.

Preet: Hi Plabon, how are you?

Pla: hey what happened with you, you were not replying me.

Preet: I was hospitalized.

Pla: again you tried committing suicide?

Preet: hmm, I was so depressed.

Pla: yaar, we all are in the same boat, I tried committing suicide for multiple times before. There was none who could understand my pain still I want him to see in jail. I loved him but he cheated on me. Please don't do all this,please.

Preet: I watched my ex that and..

Pla: you started thinking about your past. This criminals can't value your emotion.

Preet: I know yaar but it was killing me inside.

Pla: it's killing me too to accept the truth that I am abused, abandoned by a cheater who left me after few days of marriage. It kills me inside that the bitter truth of my life is I am a married virgin. It kills me inside without knowing the meaning of married life I have to accept the mark called 'divorcee'. Why should I? What was my fault? I just want his punishment, I am surviving just to see him in jail. It kills me just because of this mark I am meeting some people who are trying taking my advantage. Sometimes I feel myself that because of him the so called society made me a prostitute.

Preet: We will fight for our justice. Government should take steps.

Pla: Yes, we will fight against crime else this criminals will get confidence to abuse a girl easily. Its time to expose them and stop this crime, this legal prostitution should be stopped now. Enough is enough.

Preet: yes.

After a long conversation Plabon closed her eyes for a second.

She can't stop now. It's time to fight.

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I am a writer, writing a series here, hope young people like can relate themselves with this series 'Lovebites .' Stay tuned ..

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