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Life speaks a lot

Plabon couldn't stop thinking about Abir. Abir never understood Plabon or he never wanted to understand Plabon. What was his intention then? This questions were killing Plabon everyday.

Madhuridi was absent that day so she was taking her lunch alone. Anurag came suddenly and asked her: "can I sit here? "

Pla: "sure, why are you asking me. "

Anurag sat and offered his lunch to Plabon. Plabon took one piece of chicken from his lunch box and shared her chicken korma too.

Plabon was noticing Anurag sometimes when she was taking her lunch. Plabon asked "you are Anurag right? "

Anu:"yes, Anurag Chakraborty. "

Pla:" where do you live? "

Anu: "Howrah and you? "

Pla:"Kolkata only. You are in Kabirda's team so are you comfortable in corporate sales? Are you experienced? "

Anu: "yes"

Pla:"Abhisekhar, Sayantan they were good in English communication, don't mind but your English communication skill was poor still you are in corporate sales, how? "

Anu:" GM threw me in corporate team. "

Pla:"OK, best of luck."

Plabon came back to her place after completing lunch. Abhimanyu was standing at her table , he asked Plabon :"Your reference customer will come for servicing today, please guide him. "

Plabon said: "I have not received my incentive yet, so don't expect any extra favour. "

Abhi:"you will get it,dont worry. "

Suddenly she got a call from her trainer "Plabon, come to conference room, today I will give you training on the new launched car. Come with pen and paper. "

In conference room, Priyam sir was giving training. Plabon respected him most in this company and liked him. Suddenly GM entered into the conference room and said "listen to everyone, the day after tomorrow, people are coming from head office so be trained properly, they should be impressed by our behavior, work abilities, be in proper attire."

Plabon got a massage from Abhimanyu suddenly "what is he doing in the conference room? "

Plabon replied "brain wash obviously. "

The GM completed his speech and went to his cabin.

After completing training she was in life, coming to her place, Anurag was there. He said " my life becomes hell. "

Pla:"why? "

Anu:" GM told me to change my shoes, cut my beard."

Plabon laughed and said:" you will be looking like a six years old kid without beard."

Anurag said "You look good when you smile. "

Plabon stopped laughing.

When Anurag was leaving the office Plabon was looking at him. Plabon knew this guy is not so genuine but very smart.

Plabon was evening shift that day, Abhisekhar came to her and said

" so beautiful lady, you broke my heart. "

Pla:"no dear, I can't break your heart. "

Both of them started laughing. Abhimanyu was watching both. Abhisekhar left and Abhimanyu came to her, asked "he is still interested in you I think. "

Pla:"what's your problem then? "

Abhi:"nothing, my mother told me to bring you once in our home. "

Pla:"for what?"

Abhi:"you didn't eat anything and left so I want to invite you for dinner."

Pla: "I am confused about your character, you are a masterpiece I must say. "

Abhi:"why baby? "

Pla:"not today, I will go another day. "

Abhi:"OK baby. "

Pla:" don't call me baby OK because I am not your girlfriend."

Abhi:"OK baby. "

Pla:"again? "

Abhi:"sorry baby. "

Plabon stopped and turned her face from him. Abhimanyu started laughing and went to his cabin.

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