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Lotus will bloom again

Lotus will bloom again
First of all don't take me as a ' bhakt' of Modi before I begin this article. But yes , I have a courage to praise him after analysing whole five years of his work towards my nation.

I am not easily convinced, neither by people nor by the circumstances, and people often complain me for my dubious nature and the reason is I never act before analysing and being completely satisified in every aspect.

Let me take you 10 years back or more, the first time I got voting right and for the State Government I voted for Ms. Sheila Dixit, a Congress leader. I was never any specific political party freak. Her good governance quality made me voted her for I observed her work for the past 10 years and she was amazing. But I never voted for Congress in the Centre though it came to power then. I remember the days when every common man was pestered by inflation, corruption and loose political atmosphere. Prices of grains and vegetables were shooting sky high with no limits. Corruption prevailed everywhere when you had to pay atleast a 500 rs note for making government employees to do a single work, which was their duty to perform. Remember those days? Then came the great Anna Hazare movement, a ray of hope for every citizen to fight against corruption through jan lokpal. I was a student then with high spirits for serving nation and a young revolter of corruption, even I joined the movement and participated in that event. Indian culture was sinking, rich was very rich and poor was extremely poor. But as they say, things that burn heavily is reduced to ashes soon. Mr. Kejriwal from Anna Hazare Movement , who affirmed of not joining politics, later joined the politics. Posters and banners everywhere for ' free electricity, free water" . This foolish man was able to convince general public to vote for him. Politicians entice public with a free free free banner and people run behind to grab the privileges. I was never convinced with this man but anyways his 'free' strategy made him win election. Contending from BJP was Mrs. Kiran Bedi, a lady with mind, attitude and grace. I met her when I was a kid and was so much influenced with her down to earth attitude. With praises, I voted for her but unfortunately Mr. Kejriwal came to power. Then began the real drama of 'dharna', my reaction was ' uff, who voted for this ape." Drama continued, free , free , free had terms and conditions applied. 'Aam admi' were now rich men and grabbed people's hard earned money, corruption aam admi was at its peak. Revolt amongst the party began,elected members started resigning and the consequence was, re-election just one year later. But still people had not learnt a lesson and once again voted for this aam admi party. Once again I sighed in pain " stupid people who voted for him again?" Delhi and it's infrastructure detoriated day by day and I felt it went two decades back.

Now coming to Central government. No doubt I really admire Mr. Manmohan singh, an erudite person, but a failed political leader. Whenever and wherever he represented India, he was not at all a good representative, for he was a puppet of Ms. Sonia Gandhi. Like me many other people had a dream of having good representative for the nation. Lok sabha poll was completed in the year 2014 and BJP was now in power with absolute majority. And then came a new era of Sh.Narendra Modi, as the PM of India. With the passage of time with is true service for nation, this man makes me feel proud that I voted for him way back in the year 2014. He now poses a threat on all other political parties. Not only has he been a very good representative for our country but also a person who has very well governed all other BJP leaders. Each and every opposition leader now feels that their political career is at stake in the coming Lok Sabha elections. How many Prime Ministers do we remember in the past who has made us proud to be called an Indian? How many of them had held our head high to be proud of our culture?

Prices of grains, vegetables, groceries are now stable. Basic needs of common man is now in their league. Corruption has almost disappeared. No bomb blasts or terrorist attack has happened in the past 5 years and many more to count.

I don't know how easily are people convinced with caste and religion biased policies which are only talked about by the opposition and never by the BJP. For the past 50 years in India divide and rule policy was followed but now people with good intellect, who love their nation, has however realised this fact. An old saying is " One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." So think and then act in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in India.

In my view Indian politics is based on 2 ideologies 1. Centrist 2. Rightist

The Centrist who pretend to be leftist in approach, will ignite you to die for your rights.

The Rightists whose ideology is to make you live for your rights.

Choose them wisely, for who rules the nation will rule your ideologies too.

Leftists emerged in other countries for the protection of rights of the poor and farmers. But these centrist ideologists are mocking down poor for their own benefits of votes and money.

Stop looking for your personal monetry loses or benefits made by the goverment, rather on a wider perspective, look for how much your nation's pride has grown under the governance of this government. Every nation has its own culture and if this government is working steadily for retaining and shining the integrity of nation's culture, making you feel proud of who you are, I don't think it is a bad policy at all.

I am a proud Indian, proud of Sh. Narendra Modi and my vote in next poll is his ,for the BJP. People, please check your name in the voter's list, if your name is not mentioned there, apply for your voter ID card at the earliest.

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