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Live your dream

What happens next moment is unpredictable, you may die, you may live. So don't waste any moment, accomplish all of your dreams, die without regret.
Chase your dream! Don’t make your life meaning less! Live your dream, make dream your passion, and that passion your goal!As our honoured personality Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam sir have told, we must follow our dreams. He’s mentioning thatits not about the dream that you see while sleeping, but its the dream that won’t let you sleep.
Dreams can be one among the factors that makes a person to feel the need of living, or to understand the point of living. It urges us to move forward in life. Thereforewe must recognise the point of living, or chase our dream, in order to make our life meaningful.
Everyone can dream…but not everyone chases it.Its the dream of many legends which took the world to this progress. If man didn’t dream about science, we may still be in the stone age and most interestinglyyou won’t be reading this article!I dreamt of writing and motivating people so you guys are reading my blog!Everything in this world, the progress, the comfort that we enjoy are due to certain dreams , that certain legends accomplished. Everything happened by chasing those dreams, which kept them awake all night.
Dreams may not be always big and heavy. It can be a simple one, “short termed” dream, like of gaining some kind of stuff, gifting someone something, and things for which we work hard only for a limited amount of time and a “long term” dream, which will be a result of a full life dedication like of science, technology, cinema, or the works that we spend a lot of time for a life long need etc.No matter how big or small a dream is. What matters is the dedication that we give for that dream. If you are lazy, or think that working for your dream requires too much time, let me remind are in the path of life. What happens in the next moment is unpredictable. You may live, or die in the next moment. So if you wanna go out from the world without any regret, NEVER CONSIDER YOUR DREAM A WASTE. Because the happiness given by a successful dream is infinity! No matter small or big.
Dream guys! Make your dreams your passion, and that passion your goal! You are not born to simply die, but to die with full happiness, and NO REGRET! Go live your dreams!
If you are determined, no monster can stop you from dreaming, and chasing your dream. So DREAM!

Let yourself follow your dreams
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