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Life is a journey and not a race. It is not important where you travel, but with whom you travel through this journey of life.
Tomorrow is not promised and Today is short.

I have met people who believe in making good sum of money today by working harder than they could, and wish to enjoy their lives in the latter part of life. Buying a good home, luxuries ,cars and riches are their big priorities. Taking loan and paying good amount of EMI's even if it is hard for them to afford make them a part of this life's race. I am not saying you should not buy luxuries, but why at the cost of your present comfort? You may be earning in lakhs today but tomorrow you may fall down to earning hundreds or none. Life itself is unpredictable. You are not only running a race of your self made competition where you may be the only one participant, but you are also carrying tremendous burden on your shoulder and head just to make sure that your later part of life is safe and secure. This long run is making you sick inside which you may realise later and then you go to spend all your savings for your health. Short temperedness and high blood pressure are the common symptoms of your ill health. You earned luxuries and riches at the cost of your physical and mental health and now you are trying to reinvigorate for a better health, for a better life.

What could be done?

Treasure this journey of life. Enjoy every little things, it is in those small things your true happiness lies. Feel the beauty of life at every step you take ahead. Sit down with calm mind, think of a wider perspective about decisions you are taking to take loan for buying luxuries. Meet your needs but control your desires. Stop envying others and also stop making every particular thing a status symbol. Say for example you need a car urgently to commute. Buy the best one in your budget and buy the one for which you can pay loan with ease without stressing yourself. Stop competing with your neighbours and relatives, status and money attract narrow minded people. You are blessed enough with a better mind to think for your betterment.

Instead of buying luxuries spend luxurious time with your family , treasure moments and make memories. Once you begin finding happiness from people, things will be of least importance to you. Your child need your love and support and not your arrogant and irritable behaviour. Your spouse your parents need your time and care. Have meal together ; laugh together. Treasure every second of your life with your family and you will realise that time spent with family is never wasted.

I remember an incidence. Once a judge of Supreme Court when got retired, he moved to his family who resided in some other city. He complained that it is hard for him to connect to his family now. He spent a reputed life, earned and brought luxuries but what he actually missed is the real treasure of life. And now he repent his decision when even his own child is unable to connect to him. He missed to realised during his days as a judge that his parents are getting old, his son is growing up so quickly, his spouse required his time and attention as well and now it is too late to bring that time back. Likewise a lady narrated me an incident that she had to join her work after taking a maternity break. Her in-laws resided in other town and she allowed her tiny baby to be with them in the other town, far away from her. Now her son is 5 year old and she regret her decision for she couldn't cherish her motherhood with her young baby. She missed all his giggles, rolling over, crawling, his first words, infact every development of her child. If you don't spend your time with your child today, you will not be in their memories tomorrow. Do not prepare your child to be a part of your rat race. Do not bother to provide them better things than you ever had, but work hard toward making them a better person than you were. Practice good morals and values and let them learn from you. Morality can only be taught in a family, neither in school nor by friends. Be a role model of your child.

Please remember that every successful person may seem so perfect to you but each one of them has an emptiness around. So cherish what you have instead of getting sad for something you desire for. Else, one day you will look back to realise that those were actually big things. Go home and love your family.
Nowadays people know price of everything but value of nothing.

Be a lesson to those who have materialistic thought. Atleast don't be one of them. A materialistic person will never love you back, so avoid imitating and keeping yourself in their company.

Nowadays we visit people and judge them by their quality of life. We judge them by their home, home interiors, their expensive couch and clothes . Just few years have passed and I remember when we visited someone or somebody visited our place and the only thing we remembered was how we have felt and the laughter and memories we made together. These days we visit each other's home to look at their standard of living and not by the quality of honor and affection we recieved and laughter we shared. Look how far have we come participating in this rat race.

If the crowd is running in a wrong direction, doesn't mean you have to be a part of it. It is always better to walk alone than going with the crowd in wrong direction, is an old say. Please stop impressing people with your money or things else you will never find a peace of mind. Infact materialistic thought is a curse to happiness.

Afterall the best things in the world are not what could be touched but are those which can be felt. So value the true treasures you possess, for 'blessings' mean far above the expensive materials you possess.
Know that you are blessed and be a blessing in somebody's life.

God bless the world !

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