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Learn to love yourself

Learn to love yourself
You can be who you want to be. Don't let anyone take that away from you

Your taste in people will change when you learn to love yourself. People tend to hate themselves because of their appearance,personality. They have that mindset of being someone they are not. ”Oh! I want to be as beautiful as her,I want to be as unique as she is, I love the way she dresses,I love her hair, I love her makeup, I want to be like her one day ,I wish I got her body ” the truth here is, if you start disliking ‘you’, you can’t possibly have different perspective of someone or even love someone in that case.

I want to be frank here to who ever reads this blog. I use to hate myself, I use to dislike who I was, I never respected myself, I use to see the worst in people, never saw good in anyone because of my past experiences, I use to judge people without even getting to know them. The scenario here is I hated my body because I looked fat, yeah! I had lots of people even friends who made fun of how I looked. That, brought down the confidence that I had left. Let just say I dealt with depression, it was like the whole world was against me, I couldn’t feel anything, it was just me, me! In this so called world. Then I started believing in myself, I brought myself back from the ground by listening to me!, people’s negative words doesn’t describe who you are, people judge without even getting to know you, so their words shouldn’t bother you, those thoughts are the perspective of how they see you and that shouldn’t matter. There so many people out there who are dealing with this. Never let people’s words put you down.

There was this quote that spoke truth to me. ”you can be who you want to be, and achieve your goals and fulfill your full potentials in life” NO matter how you are, or how you look, never get terrified to be who you want to be in life, don’t let people’s words push you or bring you down. Remember we are all humans, no one is perfect, we all have flaws, so we shouldn’t be quick to judge people without knowing them. Love yourself , be who you are, never pretend to be someone you are not ,remember, that wouldn’t take you anywhere. Stop living fake lifes, let people see you for who you really are and if they can’t, they should fuck off, you don’t need acceptance from a gold digger anyways.

Be you, love yourself and love ‘you’

so guys this is my very first blog, I hope and wish you guys love it . Remember guys your likes and comments matters


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