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Labyrinth and Life

Spiritual truth from the movie Labyrinth starting David Bowie.
Yesterday on Netflix I watched the 1986 film the Labyrinth. I realized how many parallels, there are to the movie.
Be careful what you wish for. In life we think we want something but when we get it it’s not like what it seems.
Just because power looks desirable be careful who you bargain with. There is good power and evil power.
When we get distracted with objects we forget about our real mission.
Helping a creature in need gives you a friend for life.
Just because someone seems helpless they can have hidden gifts.
Evil makes you confused even when you think you are going the right way.
The words of Christ have power over the devil from owning us.
As I watched the movie life can seem like a labyrinth, we all need a guide. Chose your friends carefully, some will lead you to peril and some will lead to your rightful destiny.
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