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Life speaks a lot

Next day Plabon had week off. She decided to go for a movie. Plabon had a group with Ruhi and Shrestha who were her close friends. Plabon pinged them in what's group.

Pla: "what's up gals, any plan for today. "

Ruhi: I have my office.

Shrestha: "tell me one private place, where I can go with Ajay. "

Pla:" what type of private place are you looking for?

Ruhi:" she wants Ajay alone. So what do you want to do kiss, smooch, more than that? "

Shrestha: "no no I will not do anything before marriage, I love Ajay, he loves me too. "

Ruhi massaged Plabon privately . "see, she started again"

Plabon replied Rubi : hmm she is habituated.

Ruhi: " I am mute, please handle her."

Plabon massaged in group, "gals, I am thinking to go for a movie, you can join me."

Shrestha ignored the massage and started elaborating her lovestory continuously.

After so many massages she didn't get and reply from Plabon and Ruhi in their what's app group.

She called Plabon. Plabon was not interested talking to her because she talked about one topic only all the time , about her boyfriend. Still Plabon received her call.

Pla:" hmm tell me, not Ajay please."

Shrestha: "no no listen I want to meet you. I heard about a temple which is near Sealdah, will you go with me?"

Pla: "today? OK but why do we go? "

Shrestha :" today is my leave, your leave too. Please let's go, I am not OK, our relationship is not going well. "

Pla:"Why do you want to go to temple then? . "

Shrestha: "please don't say this to Ruhi, she will laugh at us. "

Pla:"not on me, she will laugh at you only because it's your idea. "

Shrestha:" hmm, you do ,you will get the benefit,Abir will come back to your life. "

Pla: "I don't think so. "

Shrestha :"I asked about Abir to one of my friend who is an astrologer, he said Abir has some affairs, that's why he is not replying or avoiding you."

Pla:" what, ?how can you say this? "

Shresth:" yes, he was not at all interested to get engaged, he was in pressure and also impressed by your beauty so said yes but he has some affairs "

Plabon became exited hearing all this. She was feeling to cry. It was childish for her still she sent a massage to Abir.

'I came to know you have an affair, how could you do this to me, why did you spoil my life .'

Abir watched her massage but didn't reply.

After sending this message Plabon thought why did she become so angry, why did she send massage to him.

Shrestha and Plabon reached the temple, they sat in front of the Goddess Kali. Plabon was thinking about the incident that she sent massage to Abir, again he ignored. Shrestha was unable sit quietly and she was talking continuously. Plabon doesn't like talking in temple specially. She was irritated on Shrestha and said "please stop talking so much, Goddess will not listen to you. "

From morning to night she spent her whole day with Shrestha, they went to Victoria Memorial, ate ice-cream. But her gloomy mind was not enjoying anything.

At night when she was lying on her bed, she was thinking that seriously Abir has an affair in Canada or something else? She didn't understand Abir's situation, why did Abir leave her, he was more interested getting engaged with Plabon once then what happened with him? Did he forget everything?

Plabon started watching their couple photos.

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My life...

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