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Kogi West And The Selfish Agenda.

Kogi West And The Selfish Agenda.
The idea of imposing Sen Smart Adeyemi on the people of kogi west is dead on arrival and it cannot hold any water. Those who are not from the western part of kogi state should not try to do anything silly just to impose their candidates on us.

Is like Sen Smart Adeyemi forgot his cap at the national Assembly or should I say he is looking for money to develop the magnificent Hotels he erected at Ilorin Kwara state?

Our elders, leaders and political gladiators in kogi west are too fuddled to the extent that they now juxtapose a dead man with someone who is demented. Senator Smart Adeyemi is politically dead while Sen Dino Melaye is totally insane considering his shameful display of political stupidity at National Assembly.

We have competent people who posses the capacity to represent us at the national Assembly. If not of politics of self aggrandizement what is Sen Smart Adeyemi who have spent a consecutive 8year in the senate looking for again. If we are to reelect him into the red chamber, he must have tabled the achievements he made during his wasteful 8year at the National Assembly.

Rotational arrangement apart, Sen Smart Adeyemi lack the wherewithal to occupy any representative office, having failed to make public his achievements during his 8year in the national Assembly, the Gov of Kogi state should give room for free and fair election for each of the candidate to test their popularity during both the primary and general election.

As for Sen Dino Malaye we are done with him, affliction shall never rise again.
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