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Know the reason you live

Saving your time for things that really Worth it.
What are the reason man live determine the future of the man.have you ever sit to retrospect and check to know the essence you live?. What are your thoughts and plans for your future. What is it you want to achieve before the week, month, or year runs out. A man without a dream and plan for it, is a wanderer in this world, found but lost, see but invincible. Many people give their lives away to women and alcohol. They have what I call " Triangular Movement " . These kind of movement are restricted to just three ways.
1 work very hard and earn money with probably from a merger Job you do and
2 plays a bet with it or channel their money to something that does not add to them
3 they pay less attention to things that improves them and pay more attention to what's deprive them from going high.

People with this behavior find it difficult to succeed As a young man or woman, you should have your aim and objectives. Set a goal and chase it. If you could not get it find another procedure or process to achieve it. Every time in a man's life should not be wasted, know what is taking your time from your vision, if detected then cut it off. Every day that gets away should add and bring something new to you. Be creative, learn how to bring the best out from your work. Don't stay idle because that's what sink ones self respect. Catch up with things. Always press forward. Sometimes when we pursue some certain things, when we don't get it, we feel regretful and disappointed. That's shouldn't be it. Some good thing that will last for you some how seem very impossible to get. But application of persistence and consistency gets you there.
Have it in your mind that you, should be part of the people to rule your country. Don't give up. Always look forward to your potential. Look forward to something. Go to new environment, get a book and pen always write down your activities daily. Because people who don't keep note of what they do, they find it difficult to succeed. Take for instance you went to the market holding a $100 dollars in your pocket and plans of buying items of $50 dollars, because you didn't keep a list of the items you want to get, you will end up spending everything on an important items that may have little or no relation to your initial intent. Calculate you time spend it on things that will improve you.
Change things around you. Look new to people. Gets new clothes or even change your hairstyle. Don't waste your time with dream killers. Because they are dream builders and dream killers. Save them spend if you can't save, as you get your salary, get a property worth something good. With that you will be accumulating Wealth for yourself. Like the way people say Wealth is better than riches.

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