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Jesus saved me at my lowest

Jesus saved me at my lowest
Call His name and you will be saved.

just a snap, I never thought I’m riding this year halfway already. The first
semester was a smooth trail, a point of discovering spiritual connectivity I
never thought I needed. I became a little harsh about myself, trying to
relinquish bad memories, bad habits and most especially, pruning toxic people.
It was a time of my life when I found joy in the Lord and turning things out on
my favor.

Yes, I declare the
blessings of the Lord. He gave me the long awaited peace and joy, two utmost
gifts I ever received for the last three years.

Since I encountered Jesus,
I began to embrace new perspective, renew my faith and trust the will of God. I
am no longer the ruler of my life; Jesus is now taking the wheel. But I tell
you, my life is a living testament of Corinthians 5:17, Therefore, if anyone is
in Christ, he is a new creation. The Old is gone, the new has come.

Indeed, time is the
greatest healer and teacher at the same time, Looking back, I never thought of
conquering those and got myself out of it ALIVE. Yes, I almost doomed myself to
death. My family and friends knew how I dealt the greatest turbidity and
avalanche, when heavens poured out misery and disgrace, I caught it all. I was
desperate, jealous, insecure and miserable, for three years.

Never a day that I felt
genuine happiness and even a temporary state of peaceful mind. The evil was so
strong, drowning me to that belief, love wins in any circumstances. Too much in
elaborating said misery, God paved way to a whole new life.

I believe that God
strengthens and cleanses my weak and polluted life according to His holy
purpose and I am now ready to receive His breakthru

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Keep on keeping on. Jesus is everything;lover,Lord,friend,healer,provider,strength,constant companion.