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it took courage to love someone and let them go;

it took courage to love someone and let them go;
When you first met me
My skies wasn’t so blue,
It was grey and it was raining,
But you said “look good on you.”

When I first met you,
I know your feelings so true,
You were honest, you were sincere,
A good heart, good intentions
I said “God, he was so lovely”

So I play you a song, I read you my poetry.
Try to brush off your pain, tells you my story
I tried to understand what it feels like just to be you.

So when you left me,
I go to all words that you sent me,
Read it from the day one; tell myself I can hold on to it.
But my mind were running off, it kept questioning “why”
And where should I pick it up.

And oh, God, tonight it feels so lonely.
Does he feel lonely?
I hope he never feels this way, it’s scary.
I hope he never feel lonely.

(Cause one day, it was laughing and stargazing.
And now you’re gone.
Cause one day, it was dreaming about dancing in our kitchen
with bad lighting.
So why are you gone?)

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Hi everyone, this is Nabila! I am a 20 years old (young) girl from ID. I will write random stuffs, about things and feelings I couldn't express out loud in person. I do hope it's good enough?!

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Marvin profile image
Wow, It has been a while but you are still a wonderful Poet :)