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Is the time their to stop using plastic bags?

Is the time their to stop using plastic bags?
Recycling is failing and the pollution because of plastic bags is still rising.
It is said by researchers that up to 5 trillion plastic bags are used every year which, if spread out would cover an area bigger ~twice the size of France.~

So where is all the plastic? With these volumes you should think that the plastic bags are everywhere, but they are not. The reason? They are swimming in the sea like jellyfish. In huge patches, with the most known with the name of the Great Pacific garbage patch. These extremely huge garbage patch consist of our beloved plastic bags and bottles and float in the see like an artificial island. Waiting to be visited by fish and other animals that live in the sea.

But there are more concentrations of garbage, like in India or other Asian countries. Images are known of once beautiful beaches or cities which are now crumbling done underneath the weight of the garbage.

Thats why the U.N bureau of environment launched a slogan:
"If you can’t reuse it, refuse it."
But will it help? after all those years of plastic usage is it possible that we can live in a plastic free world? The U.N bureau of environment even says recycling is not helping at all and that the only thing we can do to stop the use of free plastic bags is by simply forbidding the free part in free plastic bags.

European countries have already done this with astonishing results, so why is it not a goal to reach this for the entire earth instead of only rising awareness for this case?

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