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Is it possible that Venezuela, as a last effort, will attack the Netherlands.

Is it possible that Venezuela, as a last effort, will attack the Netherlands.
One of the best things in a crisis is to create a common enemy, in other words: war.
It is a much used tactic. If your country is in a crisis, for some reason, you just attack another to bond your population. Recently we saw the Argentinian government do the same by attacking the Falkland islands. The only problem for the Argentinian was that Great Britain was on the other side, which had the same internal problems. Therefor Margaret Thatcher sent out an armade and i can say the rest is history.

In Venezuela things are also not so good at the moment. With the recent decline of oil dollars and as a result a staggering hyperinflation, Maduro's power is slipping to his fingers. And what is the best way to keep attention from your really, really bad economy: War.

Venezuela has it's own set of Falkland Islands. Namely the Lesser Antilles Islands, part of the kingdom of the Netherlands.

At this moment problems rise with the Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA who has a raffinery on Curacao, which was the greatest on the western hemisphere during World War 2. The only problem is that PDVSA owes some money to American company ConocoPhillips after a nationalization ten years ago by former President Hugo Chavez. In this nationalization they lost some of their companies for what they want some kind of compensation. The International Chamber of Commerce has determined last week that the call for this compensation is rightful.

A strange coincidence is that Trump also said he will put his focus on Venezuela. Could it again be a plan of the US government to let a Latin America government shake on it's legs. Time will tell. But it is quite the coincidence that an american company suddenly is going to seize some Venezuelan oil. Could it spark a conflict?

The only problem for the Dutch was that they where in the middle of this conflict..

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