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I've fallen in love twice,

The pain in love remained the same both times,
Ironically, love for me was the one feeling that shall never hurt;
Tears on my cheeks and pain in my voice however, make me believe differently.
Only if I had a way to not fall again,
Only if I had a ladder to climb out of this well,
This well I deepen,
This pool of fairytale.
I ask, in my prayer tonight,
Who did I hurt to be hurt like this,
To scroll down my notifications to see your name,
To make my stomach ache.
Things, I wish for once might be better,
Might hurt less.
Writing about you is the time I often lose words,
You make me so happy yet hurt me too much,
I don't know how she got over you, I would love to know how.
I would love to be her, cause it is time now.
The irony of the universe laughing at me,
As I hold on tighter to the hope of plain love.
I should let go of you, I just don't know how,
I don't know how fell so much,
Don't know why I feel too much.
Now all my prayers are to forget you.

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