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Interconnection between the two sides

Perception of your thoughts plays a most important role in your life. Mold your thoughts to be always inspiring, achieving and adventurous. That will reflect into your action. You will be surprise to know the power of your actions.
How was your day today? I hope it was good. But if its not lets analyze about that a bit. You had a bad day today i get that. Its impossible to take it back but lets stretch on the topic that would it be helpful to gain certain different experience. Like now you know how to deal with such days..am i right? Next time u wont be this much sad about such thing. If u do that next time, lets try something different now. U are not that sad and upset let us take a moment to realize what possibly should have gone wrong and the day has ruined. You will be surprised to know that u r making a progress. Inculcate this activity in yourself. I gurantee u that you will feel a lot better.
Nowwww the most important thing- behaviour in good days... You know good or bad is a perception of our thoughts. You feel good today because your thoughts are fresh, enchanting and happy. You feel bad today because you perceive urself as u r the most disgusting thing in this universe. If the day was good for you, that means u r proud of urself but dont let that affect your ego. Do remember this thing that good things happens with selfless and good people. Be the most generous and selfless person in this world. And have a clarity of your thoughts in your soul. Ego comes at a latter stage, relation, family and ur happiness comes first. Dont let ego ruin the happiness in ur life. Lets live like two interconnected sides of a situation wherein both of them are equally important to teach you a life lesson. Dont be under impression that victory is only in winning it is also in learning from your mistakes. Change your perception and you will see a change happening around you. Have a good day everyone.
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The two sides of each story

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