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I'll Tell Her

I'll Tell Her
If you're in love with someone, tell her... Don't think!
"Maybes", "perhaps" and "let's says" are pretty lame words
While phrases like,
"I like you a lot" would bridge up the valley between her and I
Here am I
Wallowing in my head full of worries like
"Maybe we're never meant to be..."
"Perhaps we're just gonna be stuck in the traffic of friend zone forever..."
Or "let's say this life isn't meant for us to happen¬we're just gonna be awesome friends. You know?!"
Wow! I can't imagine my thoughts
They are so pathetic
Man, I need to stack up piles of courage and tell her
Tell her how I actually feel...
I'll tell her!
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Imagine yourself drowning in a sea of heartfelt words Gulping a million litres of breath-taking rhymes Slowly and gently as pictures of life's art Take hold of your mind Imagine! And all you just wanna do right now is Drown much longer in Sea Four..

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