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How to recover Google Account Password for android phone

Google is an American origin technology which helps in meeting new demand of new generation’s demand by discovering a large number of technologies

Google account is playing a very important role in working of
any android device. Google account save all the personal information of user
kept in very safe encryption for long time. Google account also help in accessing
Google search engine where users may search for any kind of question related to
education, tourism and normal day life related issues. Google search engine
provides lots of services like, image search, hotels, climate related news,
education and bookings.

Google account also help in accessing all the Google services
like. You tube, Google maps, yahoo, play store, Google translation etc. Google
also update their software time to time for better work performance. Gmail is
also a product of Google which is use for electronic mode of communication.
Google play store basically a hub of application users need to search for any application
and downloads. There are lots of applications which are available free of cost
for users. For some users need to pay asking amount.

Google also work in the field of Mobile manufacturing, Google
pixel is one of the latest phone series of Google. Google account recovery is also not that much hard if any user
forgot their login ingredients.

Here are some steps which help you out for recovery of Google account.

to “Google Account” official page,

your log in information.

on Forgot Password option.

register “Mobile Number”, and then click on next.

recovery code sent by Google in the given number.

Code in the asking box.

on “verifies code” and then click on next.

new password and copy the same in the confirm password box.

changed successfully.

Save new
password properly and use it for future accessing of the account. If any user
is not able to recover their account then they are free to call Google help
desk number for further assistance. Google
account recovery
also done using Google technical support process. Google technical
support numbers are easily available on the back of product or users can using
internet for the same.
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