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How to prepare milk omena.....

Food is so important in our lives today...above is the procedure on how to prepare a very delicious meal [omena with milk]
cooking oil,
chopped round onions,
chopped tomatoes/tomato paste.
boiled omena[dagaa],
NB;Use amount of ingredients according to the number of people you are serving or the amount of dagaa.
1,-Heat cooking oil in a sufuria,add onions and cook till it turns to golden brown.
2,-Add chopped tomatoes/ tomato paste,add salt and stir to mix evenly.
3,-After the tomatoes are cooked,add the boiled dagaa[make sure you squeeze all the water from it]then stir for about three seconds.
4,-You then add milk to it then stir again for three seconds.
5,-Add pepper[optional]
6,-Cover your sufuria with a lid and leave your food to boil for five minutes.
7,-serve hot with ugali.
so yummy right????
Dont forget to try it out...

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