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How to overcome adversities and heartbreaks

How to overcome adversities and heartbreaks
Strength comes from overcoming things you once thought you couldn't do. Adversities and heartbreaks can either make you fall on your knees or can make you stronger, humbler, nobler, kinder and more intelligent. I have tried to compile few ways to deal such

Solitude is neccessary, for inner peace and self realisation , solitude is actually important. The best person who can give advice to you is your self being when you are in a solitude. For analysing your capabilities and your worth you need to be in solitude. Start asking questions to yourself in a peaceful environment, where there are no other voices you hear, but only the voice of yourself , your own inner being. If you try to practice solitude once in a while, you will realise that you don't need anybody else to measure your worth or your self esteem, you are capable enough to honor yourself. When you are anxious or worried or confused, search for solitude, keep the light dim or let it be dark, take a deep breath, be at a peace of mind, no turbulence should occur in your mind and start analysing yourself and your queries. You will find the perfect answers.


Solitude is good but not loneliness. Loneliness is itself a cause of heart break. You feel unwanted, isolated and deny being social. This may lead to depression. Loneliness increases your stress hormones and stress is the cause of many diseases like diabities, cardiovascular diseases, alzhimers etc. Laughter is a cure to depression caused by loneliness. You cannot laugh alone, and you need people around. Connect with people without any expectations from them to be nice to you always. Expectation is once again the beginning of heartbreak. Connect with family, friends and relatives not virtually or on social media but in real. There may be five people who will not make you feel good, but there are atleast two who can. Another way to beat loneliness is to develop hobbies and interests. We all have atleast one peculiar quality which is God gifted. Find it and explore it. This way you can have less time to stress yourself when you are alone and you can always be constructive and creative.

Self respect and honor

If you have a choice to make between honor and self respect, always choose self respect. You may sometimes make hundred of efforts to be honorable, but you fail, why? Honor is the respect that other person gives you. Self respect is respecting your own self. Your self respect enhances your character, helps you realise your own worth and will automatically bring you honor. But seeking honor and losing your self respect brings loss to your self worth. Never change the person you are to bring honors. Always respect yourself.

Toxic people

Sometimes people who socialise less are not really anti-social, but the fact is they are highly intolerant to drama and fake people. The people who drain away your energy and enthusiasm are highly toxic people. They will dig away your confidence and will make you feel completely worthless. Their words will constantly degrade you emotionally. Better to cut off from such ailing humans who have nothing to offer but negativity. Accept them the way they are and deal with them appropriately , if hard to deal with them then move away . Stop discussing about them anywhere else, because discussing about them is giving importance to them in your lives.


When you are dependant on any person and that person believes that you cannot do without them, you will be hurt and exploited by them at some point of life. There will be people in offices or society who will be hurdle in building your self confidence, who always have to say " ah ! You cannot do that or you cannot do that alone without my assistance." Distance yourself from such people at the earliest if you want to be confident, self dependant and self reliable. After all ignorance and silence is the best response to a fool.


Be with the people who think alike you, who have positive approach towards life. Be the kind of human being who transfer positive energy and vibration to the people whom they meet. Be like a sun in the centre of galaxy. Unless you are happy, you cannot make others happy.


Never make gossiping a habit, it is a sign of emotional immaturity. Gossiping harms relationships. Be the one who can keep a secret. Not everyone is meant to know your opinion about a person and you need not to discuss your disappointments to everybody or anybody.


Cry if you want. Crying doesn't make you weak, rather it makes you stronger than before. Crying erode pain and wash regrets. There comes a phase when you have cried enough and you reach a state of numbness. Then and there something new begins. A feeling that you are enough alone. You are now stronger than before.


Travel more often and meet the people you love. Travelling more close to nature or to the people you love will add peace to your life, will heal you emotionally and will rejuvinate your spirit.


Hundreds of thoughts cross our mind every hour. The main purpose of meditation is controlling the drifting thoughts of your mind and you feel peaceful and relaxed. Meditation lowers your blood pressure, lowers stress level and control your anxiety. So do make meditation a regular practice for your well being.

Trust God

Never stop believing in god. He is the only reason behind your existence. When your path is dark , God will light your way so be spiritually connected to him. Keep your karma clean. Never give up on life, there is always someone to hear you. If you lose one opportunity, many new opportunities are waiting in your path, only if you step ahead with trust in God and believe in his divine measures.

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