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How to Get Backlinks Using Guest Blogging

How to Get Backlinks Using Guest Blogging
Link building in 2019 might be quite challenging for you but following some specific link bilding strategies it will be more enjoyable and rank your website

These guidelines include everything you want to know about how to
get backlinks using guest blogging
. You will also learn how to get
started and how you can scale it according to your website.

So let's get into the tips on how to get your guest post
published on high domain authority sites in 2019.

1: Find Your Niche Websites That Allows Guest Post

This is the first step of finding your targeted guest post
websites. You can use Google search strings to find out guest post accepting
websites, simply go to the search bar and type these search strings:

Your Keyword “guest post”

Your Keyword “this is a guest post by”

Your Keyword “guest post opportunities”

Your Keyword “submit your content”

Your Keyword “submit blog post”

Your Keyword “contributing writer”

Your Keyword “write for us”Your Keyword “guest article”

Your Keyword “want to write for”

Your Keyword “contribute to our site”

Your Keyword “guest column”

Your Keyword “submit content"

2. Engage with the Guest Post Website Owner

Now you have guest post site lists at your hand, it's time
to write
your guest post
. But before writing a guest post, you need to consider
some facts that can help to engage more. For example, if you want your guest
post submitted on a website, then you have to engage with them first. You can
do it by engaging with them via social media, commenting on their own blog,
regularly email them by saying thank you for his/her effort, etc. After that
concentrate on creating some high-quality content regarding their niche.

3. Mail/Send Your Pitch

Send a nice and organized email pitch to the guest post
owner. Remember, your pitch shouldn't be sound like that a generic guest post
pitch? Appreciate his/her writing effort, give a valuable suggestion that he
can apply in his/her website. Then acknowledge them that you wrote a similar
type of content on your website and it can be a nice addition to their website.

4. Write Your Guest Post

Wait for the reply coming from the guest post owner. Once,
they accept your pitch, write excellent content matches with guest post owner
website. Find out some relevant content and make sure to link to them in your
guest post.

5. Finally, Follow Up Your Guest Post

After posting your content, respond to every comment
submitted on your guest post. Also, share this guest post on social media like
Facebook, Twitter. It will bring some traffic to the guest post. Send a simple
thank you note to the blog/website owner.

So that’s my tips to guest blogging. I have been applying
this for a long time, now it's time to apply to your website.

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Guest post service is when you post about your business in someone else’s blog or website. This is a very important and effective way you can get newer audience.

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