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How to fix Google assistant problem?

If Google assistance not working, then how to fix Google assistant problem?, here you can get the solution regarding Google assistance not working issues.

Are you in a crowded area? If yes, your Google app is not
necessarily getting your voice. Maybe the background noise is interrupting the
communication. Make a distance with the crowd and say OK Google loudly. It may
resolve your issue. Follow the next methods of troubleshooting if you are not
in a crowded area or the mentioned has not resolved your issue.

Make sure that the Google app is updated

Open this link in your Android phone or tablet

Click on Update

Are you getting the installed icon? If yes, the
update is already installed

Else, click on Update and get the app updated

Make sure your Google Assistant is turned on

Is your device featured with Google Assistant? This is the
question we would like to ask if Google
assistant not working
on your device. If you are facing this
problem, you should know that all devices are not featured with the Google
Assistant. Touch and hold the Home button on your Android phone or tablet. Is
it saying, Hi, how can I help? If yes, your Google Assistant is on. Follow the
steps for Without Google Assistant if you are not getting this message. Turn it
on if you are asked by your device to activate the Google Assistant.

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