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How to fix cakes makeup.

No matter where we are in life or how old we get, we all want to have a flawless look (or at least look like we belong in the land of the living). But who wants to go through life constantly doing touch-ups? Keep these tips in mind the next time you apply
Most women want their makeup to last all day but it gets caked on the face even before the day is over. In this article I'll tell you steps on how to fix and avoid cakey makeup.
Here are some of them;
1)Exfoliate.A lot of women ask me why their foundation just seems to “sit” on top of their skinwhich causes separation, smudging, and blotching. One explanation is your skin is not exfoliated enough. If you have a face full of dead skin, it makes it impossible for your foundation to absorb properly. A lot of people say to exfoliate only once a week, while others say multiple times a week.
2)Moisturize.If your skin is dry, you will experience blotchy looking foundation and you will probably notice your skin looks aged. Make sure to moisturize every morning and evening to avoid this.
3) Prime.If you notice your foundation is not staying in place throughout the day, or is looking a little dull, you may need to invest in a primer. A primer will create a smooth surface for an easier foundation application and keep your makeup in place by clinging to the primer.4) Use a high quality product. Check out the image below. You can see how the quality of the foundation is very important. Just like some of the foundation is clumping in the water, it can also clump on your skin. Use the good stuff.Avoid blotchy foundations.5) Build your coverage.Make sure to layer and build your foundation instead of just caking it on all at once. Leave a few minutes in between applications to let the foundation absorb into your skin. Be sure to use a quality brand of foundation – one that is able to be absorbed by your skin!6) Use a setting powder.I would be lost without my pressed powder. Not only does it keep away shine, it helps my foundation set and stay put throughout the entire day.7)Take care of your skin.You can do everything in your power to make your foundation look flawless, but unless you are taking care of your skin not much is going to help.
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