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How to deal with disappointments

Disappointments are due to occur in our lifes but how deal with it is up to you
Disappointments are due to occur in our lifes, it could be at work, in our societies, from our families, from friends and even ourselves.

Its a fact that, we all have to deal with because, that’s the nature of how the world is. Questions will be asked. How do humans deal with these disappointments? How can we reconcile our need to have fulfilling jobs and relationships as well as fulfill our own promises to ourselves, when we like others.

Now, despite this kind of reality, how can those who have hurt us be forgiven? The right time to move on. Here are some things we need to do.

1 learn how to take care of yourself
Around you, it is known that, many of us are frequently giving to others especially the women and caregivers / mothers. However, it is very important we realize we can’t give from an empty cup or have the strength to actually overcome disappointments and struggles if you don’t really take care of yourself. I mean by getting enough rest and sleep, having healthy diet and lots of water. Also, get into the habit of, exercising, it has proven to act as anti-depressants.

2 Build resilence
This is the ability to overcome tough situations and bounce back even stronger than before. To some extent, it is built as you encounter more experience and grow older. It allows you to actualize one of the greatest keys to success according to personal development experts which is to believe that, we are not the results of our circumstances. With resilence, we can come back and try again. Poverty, sadness, illness, natural disasters, wars, lack of opportunities and other unfortunate circumstances do not have to doom a person to misery.

3 focus on what really matters in life
Any encounter, movement or situation that happened to upset you, yet it has to take up too much of your time and thoughts. If you want to deal with it in the way that is best aligned with the highest moral characters, then move on. With time, it will get a lot easier. At the end of the day, one can’t fix everything. One can’t be everyone’s best friend and one can’t please everyone.

4 Adjust your expectations
You can learn how to work through disappointments by expecting that you are bound to encounter situations that are challenging and could cause worries, sadness and pains. Know that, as you experience more of these situations, you will get stronger, also, remember that, growing stronger does not mean that our hearts are actually softer and able to show more compassion for others. In fact, it can mean that, the heart is so alive and so much in touch with its feelings and those of others.

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