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How to avoid going broke before your next salary.

For a lot of people, every month is the same-You get paid, feel like a boss and somehow end up broke by way before your next salary.
To ensure this never happens again. Here is what you need to do.
Figure out what you spend your money on
First, make a list of your monthly expenses.
Start with your necessities like transport, food, bills(water, light e.t.c). Figure out exactly how much you need for your expenses and what's left of your salary.
Make a budget
Once you know what you need money for, the next thing is to make a budget for the month. This budget should cover all your necessities.
Divide your money
After sorting your budget, the next thing you should do is to separate your cash. Put the money you need for your budget with a little 'jara' for fun stuff in one account and the remaining should go into your savings or emergency funds account.
Stop carrying your card around
In order to stick to your budget you have to stop carrying your card around. Leave it at home and only take the exact amount of money you need when you go out. You have a little extra for emergencies but don't take your card with you.
Be disciplined
None of this can be achieved without major discipline. It's exactly what you need if you really want to avoid going broke before your next salary!
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