Isaac Chukwuma
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How the Balon 'd or has lost its values.

It pains me to say this, most football fans, FIFA, and French football association are not even realising that, the Balon 'd or and FIFA Best is already loosing value.

The Balon 'd or is an award that is supposed to be given to the best player, but nowadays the Balon 'd or is already changing to a team trophy, if you are the best and your team did not win the champions league you will not be given the award.

Nowadays we believe that any team that wins the Champions League one of its player must win the Balon 'd or, we must realise that football is not Tennis or Boxing, that is one man game, football Is a collective sport, where you can be the best and your team will fuckup when you needed them most.

I'm still imagining how Modric managed to win the Balon 'd or Last year (sorry to say), when Messi/Ronaldo deserved it more, if Balon 'd or and FIFA best was to be based on Individual performance Messi/Ronaldo deserved it more.

Because last year Messi had the best stats in Europe, (highest goal scorer in Europe, highest assist provider, Best Dribbler And he created the highest chances in Europe). But instead Messi did not even make top 3 list.

And Ronaldo had the best stats in the Champions league last year, he was the first person to score in all group games, and he scored till quarter final, I'm not wrong if I say Ronaldo single handedly gave Madrid their third champions league.

All I'm trying to say is that Fifa and French football association must do something about it, and they should realize that the Balon 'd or and the FIFA best is no longer the best player award, but is now based on what your team plays.

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