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Very touching story

Losing my Virginity, V-card, Cherry or wateva was a HOT MESS.
I hear all dem soppy stories on how some ppl lost their virginity and the hooooos an haaaaaaas on the heavenly feel of the nyt. When I read or hear such, I'm like 'I must be different'. Ok let me tell u one thing dat will knock u out.
'The person dat disvirgined me wasn't even aware'lmao

My life, choi!
See ehh (lol, I know I like using this 'see ehh' a lot) I got disvirgined in my early 20s. I neva had sex in secondary school or Uni. I had my 1st Boyfriend in Uni but I didn't think it was ryt to lose the V abeg, not because I swore to celibacy or waiting till I get married. I just didn't FEEL it was ryt. My own decision oooo. After Uni, I started feeling different, infact there was this 'horniness' from somwr. I had to quench it somhow. I attended a birthday party and met this guy. He wasn't d finest of the bunch but he had d best personality (infact the guy no even fine facially). We clicked and kissed (just kiss ooo) dat nyt at a club we went to afterwards. We met up a couple of times sha and only kiss kiss we did. After abt a week or so, he invited me over 2 his place and I had to spend the night! BOOOM! I knew this was my opportunity to lose d V. Dis dude went to bed b4 me while I was watching TV. (I even cooked egusi soup for him dat day). By the time I got to bed, he was already asleep. I sharpily woke him up by caressing him. He awoke and d quaving (caressing) started, I noticed dis guy was a bit sloppy cos he was half asleep. Anyway, one thing led to anoda, I pulled off my clothes (by myself *roll my eyes*), he got on top of me sleepily, bumped and grinded (if dats d ryt word) for abt 1 min (no caressing at dis point). He 'came' and rolled back to sleep...*crickets*

My feelings while this was going on as per someone losing it for the 1st time was utter confusion. I was hoping for romance, kisses from my head to toe, sweet words whispered in my ears, going down south, fingering, etc. Let's just say, I was expecting to be blown away. Did I mention dat dis baga's PJ was still on during this torture? *tear*

After the ordeal, I was like, so dis is wat is supposed to quench my fire? Dis miserable act? Mstcheeeeew!
One thing I was curious abt was the 'BLOOD' dat was supsd to flow and signify dat I was now a badooooo, as in big girlz tinz. I ran to the loo to know if dat miserable bumping and grinding had enough motion to burst my hymen. I saw blood and smiled. I finally disvirgined myself all by MYSELF(dats just how it felt).

The reason why I said dis baga didn't even know he disvirgined me was cos we neva even talked abt whether I was a V or not prior to the act. He didn't even stand up to dispose of his supposedly bloody condom and clean up or even ask me if I felt pain or if I enjoyed it! *tear*. He didnt even behave like someone dat was given the honours of popping my precious cherry. Nigg* slept all thru d nyt (didn't even wake 2 take a leak). See my life?

That was the 1st and last time I had relations with that guy. I quickly turned the whole thing to just frnds till the friendship dissolved, no time abeg. Its been over at lease 5 years now and d dude neva once talked abt it at all.

PS- Am i just exaggerating? Does it really matter if he was aware or not? mmmmmmm
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