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How do I turn on OK Google voice in Smartphone

Google voice command is one of the top features of Smartphones.

The smartphones with the android operating system are capable to listen to your voice and then perform a Google search for the spoken sentence by using the Google app on the device.

If you are not able to use this feature and don’t know how to turn on this feature on your Android device and wondering how to turn on Ok Google , you don’t need to worry about it anymore.

It is very easy to turn on this feature in your device to make your smartphone experience even better. You just need to know the simple instructions to get this function working given as follows:

1- Open the Google app.
2- Now you need to open the settings of the Google
3- Now you have to tap on the option VOICE
4- Now tap on OK GOOGLE detection or VOICE MATCH option
5- Now you have to allow Google to respond to the voice commands
6- Turn on the option from the Google app and if you want to keep Google app voice match working always you have to turn on from any screen option
7- Also, required to tap on the retrain voice model and say Okay Google 3 times so that Google app can learn your voice for recognition

8Now tap on done or save

Once you have allowed the app to access voice commands and retrain the model for your voice by saying OKAY GOOGLE, you will be able to use this feature of Google app on your smartphone.

Before you try to turn on the Google voice command in Google app, you should always make sure that your device is connected with the internet properly otherwise, you will not be able to use this service.

Also, you need to make sure that the device settings are also allowing the Google app to access the Voice and the recordings in order to perform the search for the voice you input after saying OK Google.

If you are not able to turn on the feature of Google voice in your device by using the instruction given in this article, you can contact the Google support for the voice support.

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