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By Hon. Musa Bakare

Hon. James Abiodun Faleke was a major participant in the foundation of the superstructure that is today called All Progressive Congress APC Federal and Kogi State Government.

Among his very major contributions to the building and nurturing of the APC is the fact that he was the Coordinator of the very successful Buhari Campaign Organization in Lagos state. It is on record and a known fact that in carrying out such huge and tasking assignment, he collected no dime from no one. Rather, Faleke dispensed his entire God giving energy, time and resources to ensure Buhari became the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and that APC takes over Kogi state from the over twelf years reign of PDP and the result is grossly a very sound and sweet victory.

Those of us the foot soldiers used for the job on Kogi were abandoned and made to watch from distance while those who were insulting and abusing us while we toiled formed the APC government.

I Hon.Musa Bakare was the State Secretary of the Buhari Support Organization in Kogi State in the run up to the 2019 Nation elections !

No one thanked us neither were we recognized

Faleke, the loyal and dedicated party man was rejected by the party in favour of a Yahaya Bello who worked tirelessly to ensure the party lost the elections in Kogi state soon after loosing the primary election.

The man who was later coronated governor of Kogi engaged himself in every known anti party activities towards frustrating electoral success against the party only to be handed the victory medal thereby throwing Kogi state and her citizens into a terribly harrowing hardship and pain.

Faleke not been a vindictive politician chooses not to leave his party believing that only time could heal such political wounds as was inflected on his people. Besides, like Jagaban Senator Ahmed Tinubu had pointed out severally, no one will be happy to see the house he was a major part of building destroyed.

The Ungodly fellow who Oyegun and co railroaded into reaping what they never sows we are told are still now shamelessly calling Press conference to continue to churn out ungodly and unholy lies of great proportions against Faleke !

While Faleke's supporters cannot and will not remain in the same party with those who are too arrogant to own up to their foibles and had chosen to go the way of African Democratic Party ( ADC ), anyone who think he or she can stop them from taking back their mandate come 2019 will surely have Heavens to contend with.

Thank you Hon. Faleke for offering Kogi people some good doses of what great, good and civilised political leadership entails.

We are solidly with you in your wisdom laden decision to return to your politically sophisticated,civilised and advanced base.

We are however going to do whatever is in us within the ambit of the Nigerian law to win all elections to the Senate House of Representatives and House of Assembly in Kogi state come 2019 so we prepare for your triumphant return to take over the reign of leadership in Lugard House in Kogi State to emancipate your people out of squalor and torments

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