Blessing Flowers
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Love defined in having crushes
Do you remember how you first had butterflies in your stomach and it was a feeling you could not explain because it was your first time and you were not sure of how to behave? The feeling is mutual, don't worry. There is always a tendency of getting nervous or your heart racing when you see your crush. You can't explain it but something draws you to them and no matter how normal they are, in your eyes, they will always be extraordinary. The funny thing is, we always picture ourselves already married to them. Walking by them side by side and them holding our hands or I'm I the only one here? I think i love having a crush. It brings out our humanity. That we are still capable of liking people without necessarily having to gain something from them. It shows us that we are still capable of liking someone without being liked back and its okay because we get to live in the moment even for a while. I wonder why is it easy to hate someone just because you don't like them? Somehow we seem to be loosing our humanity either consciously or unconsciously. Love seems like a treasure that is being buried in the farthest depths of the sea. It's up to us to go fishing once more.
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