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Hate Speech: NBC berates APC, PDP

NBC berates APC, PDP
The Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has come hard on the two
major political parties in the country for running foul of broadcasting
NBC’s Director-General, Modibbo Kawu, accused the two main parties
the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the People’s Democratic Party
(PDP) of spreading hate speeches and using abusive languages during
their political rallies and campaign.
Kawu equally urged the stations to be warry of the code guiding the
political broadcasting; warning that NBC will not hesitate to shutdown
national television stations that breaches its codes.
Section 525 of the code states that “political broadcast shall be in
decent languages and while section 533 states that “a live coverage
shall be truthful, decent, fair and balanced.”
The NBC boss who briefed the press on the 2019 general elections and
update on the digital switchover said the commission had monitored the
rallies aired by some television stations in the country and found the
comments made by some officials of the two parties of capable of causing
crisis in the country.
He said the commission has noticed some infraction on its codes
during campaigns of the two major political parties as aired live in
some major channels.
He said: “With the commencement of electioneering campaigns for the
2019 general elections on the 18th of November based on INEC’s
guidelines, the national stations have become agog with sponsored
rallies by political parties, particularly the two main political
parties – the PDP and the APC, we have observed again, through
monitoring of the stations that politicians have refused to learn from
the mistakes of the past. Despite efforts by the commission to sensitize
and remind them of their responsibilities.

“We monitor live rallies and campaigns of the parties and in recent
times, live political rallies of the two parties have been laced with
indecent and abusive languages, name calling, allegations and use of
hate speech.”
He cited instances of the chairmen of the two political parties engaging in hate speech, abusive language and name calling.
“The expressions and languages from the excerpt captured can be seen
to be abusive and not decent for broadcast, contrary to certain sections
of the Nigeria Broadcasting Codes – 525, 533. 525 says ‘political
broadcast shall be in decent languages and 533 says ‘a live coverage
shall be truthful, decent, fair and balanced.’ We are not getting that
and we told our licensees that it is very good to make a lot of money
during this period but you will be liable if you allow your medium to be
used to broadcast material that is contrary to the Nigeria Broadcasting
“Based on the foregoing, the four major channels that have been
broadcasting, were culpable and contravening the provisions of the code
on political broadcasting in line with the provisions of Section 524 of
the code,” he added.
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