The Christan Faith.
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Growing in His Might.

All that Christ did.
You know its in a matter of seconds we get saved, but we spend our lifetime learning about this. We spend the rest of our life learning about all God has done through Jesus for us. And this is what I term growing in HIS MIGHT. Christ died for sins, He fulfilled the requirement of the law that would have condemned us, He knew no sin,yet He was made sin for our sake. God loved us so much,He had to give his own son for us; John 3:16.

All that Christ had to go through: the death,burial, resurrection was nothing physical at all, all were spiritual events that cannot be explained logically.

So this is what we will continually fill our mind with, mediate and dwell on it.

We will see more of the second paragraph in subsequent posts.

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Learning about all Jesus did for us.

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