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Grit Going

Grit Going
Overcoming Suicide Perseverance, Life Story of hope, and forcing change within yourself

I watched a clip on Ted Talk today and they had done studies on military cadets in West Point, the hoods of Chicago on students they would think would graduate. The studies found those that have the most perseverance are the ones who succeed the most and it has nothing to do with economics or even social finesse. Rather, those that succeed the most are those with GRIT.

My personal story is a success not because I was born into a perfect family, no because I was born out of rape, sexually trafficked, and was born with a very complex condition known as FASD. I was given up at four, adopted again, and. then given up, adopted again, and then sent to a group home and adopted a third time. My parents did not see me, they only viewed me as a burden. I was told I would be dead by twenty-five on crack or heroine and if the drugs did not take my life, surely suicide would.

I beat those odds, after thirteen gruelling years of therapy, guess what, I got out of my bad circumstances and forced changed. I ended up finding the love of my life, and found joy by accepting Christ and allowed loved to poured through me, so much so, I even had the amazing opportunity to be a surrogate.

The reason for my success was GRIT. If you really want change if your life, you better be dirty because Grit is not pretty and infects you. It makes you sweat, it forces you to feel emotion you would rather drown out with sex, alcohol, or any other addiction. Grit forces you to look on the inside and stop blaming the outside for your circumstances. It becomes the drill sergeant that makes you look at the ugly truth that lingers inside of your soul.

Grit cannot be taught it is your inner why to the reason behind what you do what you do. You want success, you must force your mind to focus on your why!

Grit moves people not only to change themselves but to change the world around them. GRIT forces people to be fierce! Gritty people know that selfishness has no room for enlightened human beings. That selfishness is the root of all evil.

How gritty are you?

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