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Goal setting key ingredient to success...a goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline.It is a road map that will guide you and show what is possible.

The secret of succeeding in life is to work towards achieving set goals.This is because goals make one to work smarter rather than harder.For one to get anywhere,he has to know what he wants to go and what he wants to do or be.Many people fail not because

A writer once declared that "the most important key to success is to decide upon your goal and launch,get started, take action and move."


They must be;

1.Specific-one has to be clear on what they want to achieve.

2.Simple-there is no need to be complicated when describing your goals.

3.Significant-should be the ones you seek to attain and will really change your life, enhance your health and maybe create wealth too.

4.Strategic-they should enable one to achieve multiple outcomes.Meant to kill two or more birds.

5.Measurable-goals that have no measurable outcome.

6.Achievable-it is important to set only what you can attain.

7.Rational-they should have a good plan and means to achieve them.

8.Tangible-they need to be the kind of goals you can see,hear, smell and touch,so to speak.

9.written down-in this one can easily to them.

10.Time bound-if you do not define when you expect to have attained your goal,it never see the light of the day.


Goals help one achieve the following;

-Keep your mind focused.

-create an unforgettable mental map in one's mind.

-Attract the support of others.

-Become a better performer.

-Give you structure.

-Significantly clarify your intentions and also give form to your energy.

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