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Gender as a weapon

Gender as a weapon
Isn't it gender inequality when certain sexist woman don't respect a man by wearing a fake mask of feminist? Feminism is turning into sexism.
For the past few days I’ve been answering certain questions on quora about feminism. Certain questions were,
Why support feminism instead of gender equality ?
Will feminists ever be in love relationship with men? Will they marry?
Why do feminists hate men?

By these questions,its clear that people do have a big problem in understanding the true meaning of feminism.On the other hand, there are sexists who call themselves feminists. From the above questions one common meaning that people have about feminism is that feminists hate men.If feminists hate men, then who really is a sexist?! Isn’t that true?!

It’s always true guys, there are women who don’t give a damn sh*t when it comes to men because they hate men. But the irony is that they call themselves feminists!I’ve already blogged about this topic before(sexist feminism was the title). People must know who is a feminist and who is a sexist. If a woman don’t respect a man,where is gender equality? If a woman calls men pig, who is a feminist? If a woman demands respect because her gender is female,isn’t that gender discrimination?
Now we see women are taking their gender as a weapon to gain power and gain respect under the umbrella of feminism.So pitty!

Its because of these misusing of feminism that most people hate feminists and takes feminism as gender inequality.

From the known age, women were suppressed, so this empowerment ideology got the name “feminism”. And this does not mean women must be on top and men are “pigs” as some sexist women say.
What I really want is to stop sexism by not giving value to men , wearing a mask of a feminist .

I too am a woman, I too is a feminist, but I respect men around me. Finally don’t respect a person because of his\her gender, respect because they deserve it.

Don’t Let Gender Be A Weapon
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