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Gearing towards 30 is quite scary

Gearing towards 30 is quite scary
Age is but a number. Make your journey worthwhile through investing peace, love and respect in yourself through Jesus Christ. With Him and through Him, all things are made right and perfect.
Found myself helplessly counting days in my calendar desk, while everyone is immersing themselves on a Friday vibe. How years slipped away leaving me feeling "unaccomplished" of all the things I was eyeing 10 years ago. Where did the years go by and how am I feeling so left behind?

At 29, I have nothing to brag about myself in terms of accolades and achievements. I haven't finished yet my masters degree and honestly losing the interest in its pursuit. No stable career (yet), no huge possessions or investments. No love life, no travel goals. It's funny how I just figured out how broke, how unaccomplished, how unproductive this kind of life I am living just before I hit 30.

Nevertheless, I am proud to say that no matter how lagging my pace is in reaching those goals, I can sleep well at night knowing that I have already reached the new definition of success... and I call it "peace of mind."

Those are but snippets of material possessions, pride and merit. I may not have embraced them yet, but the peace in my heart and mind will bring me so much joy and contentment with my status quo. At the end of the day, you are not being defined by your bank account, not even valued by your numerous followers on social media. You find worth in the current state of your heart and mind, unperturbed from the toxicity of the world.

At some point, I had a temporary state of bargaining peace in lieu of aiming stability at work. I became selfish and deviant from the norms I grew up with. Stuck between strongholds of romantic feelings and making things right. And by God's grace, I chose the latter and I couldn't be more victorious by that.

Sometimes, you need to veer away how people stereotype success with money, materials and possessions. The process is tedious and sacrificial at the expense of your own blood and sweat. Don't let "monetary success" take its control on you, manipulate and push you to doing things beyond your morale. There is more valuable than that, something that you will latter pray you should have chosen. Something intangible and priceless. Something that will lead you to growth and necessary change.

That is investing peace, love and respect in yourself through Jesus Christ. With Him and through Him, all things are made right and perfect.

To the young professionals, I understand how you envisage future- with full of hopes and fears resting on your shoulders. Never underestimate the wings of time, it might slip away just before you knew it. Learn the art of planning and investing proper attitude in every step of the way. And to make the journey less whirling, start building your relationship with the Creator, He will show you the way just how he saved me.

Take good care of your mental health and never deviate from your gut feeling- these are inner voices of the Holy Spirit telling you things that are pure, right and just. Listen and trust, it will never go wrong.

And wait, the Holy Spirit just told me that breakthroughs and overflowing blessings are coming in my 30's onward. I might as well push a little bit more- more patience and resilience against negative energies.

But then again, so glad having rekindled with peace of mind after almost 4 years of losing it.This is all I ever wanted. Indeed, inner peace is the new success!

I'm scared no more, bring it 30! I'm ready for yah!

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