Sea Four Poems
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For You

For You
Sometimes you just wanna tell her how she makes you feel...
Cloud up my sky
Like it's August once again
Tear up my eye
With your beauty and your pain
Kiss me butterfly
And watch my lonesomeness wane
Because thoughts of you gives me a sigh
And makes my feelings remain
Go ahead and ask me why
I smile when I hear your name
It's all because you are my high
And you drive me insane
Please don't give me that eye
Because we're one and the same
And for you I'd lie
In the pool of poetry and fame
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Imagine yourself drowning in a sea of heartfelt words Gulping a million litres of breath-taking rhymes Slowly and gently as pictures of life's art Take hold of your mind Imagine! And all you just wanna do right now is Drown much longer in Sea Four..

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