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The Bottom Line The secret behind gaining weight is consistently eating more calories than you need. Lifting weight is important too, so that the additional calories can be used to build muscle instead of just adding fat.
These days people always talk about losing weight...how big they are getting. There are many sites about weight loss but not about weight gain

This post is to list some foods that will help you add weight. If you are being calledbonga fish,atinga no blood,longa longa,ogwu azu(fish bones), bag of bones,willy willy,fido didoright now in your life, get in here!

Top Foods that will Makes You Add Weight

Nuts: Groundnuts (Peanuts), Cashew Nuts, Tiger Nuts

Chew tiger nuts (aki awusa,ofio,aya) with groundnuts or on its own, blend it with coconuts and dates (dabino) to get Tiger Nuts drink and enjoy!Cashew nuts are also great, though more expensive than the other nuts.

Whole Milk or Full Fat Milk

Fura, milk as it comes from the cow is milk with all the fat intact. So if you have access to this type of milk, binge on it till you are drunk on cow milk.


Add avocado to your salads, mash and use as bread spread, add it to smoothies or just eat it as a fruit. It goes well with Nigerian rice dishes .

Peanut Butter (okwo ose in Igbo)

In Nigeria, all you need to do is buy well-roasted peanuts in the market, peel and take them to those people that have manual grinders in the market and they will blend them into peanut butter for you. They will even do the peeling for you right there in the market. You do not need to add any other ingredient because in Nigeria, roasted peanuts are already salted. After grinding, put in a glass jar with a cover and close tight.


Not only do yams contain large amounts of carbohydrate (making them great for weight gain), the carbohydrates in yam have a nutritional value. The dietary fibre in yams also helps decrease bad cholesterol and regulates blood sugar levels.


There are lots of information about losing weight but almost nothing on weight gain. So if you know anything that those who want to lose weight are doing, do the opposite. Weight watchers usually run away from bread. That means you need to make bread your friend, in fact find someone who owns a bakery and make him/her your BFF.


If you can, just roast the meat and chew it with vegetables. This way of eating meat (steak) is not common in Nigeria but I am giving you that information now.

Sweet fruits

We have lots of sweet tropical fruits in Nigeria and you may be surprised at the amount of calories these fruits contain. Bananas, mangoes, dates (dabino in Hausa and sold by Hausa Mallams that sell aki awusa/ofio/aya), pineapples, avocado even apples are all high calorie fruits.

Whole Milk or Full Fat Milk

Whole Milk comes in small 1 litre cartons. Oldenburger is a good brand of whole milk (UHT) that is available in Nigeria. Do not buy the powder one, buy the liquid one with whole milk or full cream written on it.


Please note that all smoothies are not created equal so you need to be careful here so you do not pedal backwards. Since you are looking to add up, avoid vegetables-only smoothies. Stick to smoothies made with bananas, avocados, mangoes (because they contain natural sugars in large amounts and will help your weight gain ministry).
We all gain weight at different rates. While some people will quickly gain weight after being on a weight gain diet for a month, others will be on it for a year before they see any visible difference. Some people will add weight and quickly lose it as soon as they stop consuming the foods and drinks that made them gain weight while others will find it more difficult to lose the weight. Please bear these in mind.FOODS THAT MAKES YOU ADD WEIGHT - Image 1Thank you!
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For women who wants to add weight

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