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There is no denying the fact that food tourism is about much more than just enjoying a good meal, a pint of beer, or a glass of wine during a trip. It is a way of immersing ourselves into the culture and heritage of a region, making the experiences memorab

There is no denying the
fact that food tourism is about much more than just enjoying a good meal, a
pint of beer, or a glass of wine during a trip. It is a way of immersing
ourselves into the culture and heritage of a region, making the experiences
memorable in a completely unique and personal way.According to Tecumseh,
philosophers of food tourism, “When we rise in the morning, we should
give thanks for the light, for our life, for our strength. we should give
thanks for our food and for the joy of living. If we see no reason
to give thanks, the fault lies in ourselves”. A single twig breaks, but the
bundle of twigs is strong. There are only three things that the women need in
life: food, water, and compliments and according to Chris Rock, “The success of
this sector is linked to all newness of motion and livelihood and the time
being more perceptible trend; the search for authentic experiences among the
growing number of travelers tend to those who are tired of tourism for

For all businesses
associated with food, culture, and tourism, this couldn't be a better
opportunity for those wanting to move forward, gain greater visibility, and
attract more customers. According to the Global Report on Food Tourism by the
World Tourism Organization, the average tourist spends around a third of their
holiday budget on food. This shows the degree to which this sector is involved
with a visitor's in-destination experience. However, it's worth emphasizing
that not all visitors arrive at a destination solely to enjoy gourmet food, nor
do all culinary businesses offer this experience. It is quite tough to make a
list of the top tourist destinations offering culinary appeal. Places with
exotic food and a range of premium wines compete with each other in order to
earn the top position in tourists’ ranking. However, an attempt has been made
to list out top ten destinations for culinary tourism and here we go: The
silent backstreets of Transverses in Rome is a quite getaway to explore the
world of authentic Italian culinary treats. It is one of the most sought after
places in Rome for food aficionados. Mouthwatering pasta, oxtail rigatoni and
tiramisu are absolute legends plus you have an assortment of grilled veggies
drizzled with pesto and olive oil. This place is renowned for its bakeries, and
you cannot help drooling due to the lovely aroma evolved from the bakery’s oven
while walking down the streets of Transverse. It is truly a food enthusiast’s

New Orleans in Louisiana: New Orleans in Louisiana is a very popular
destination for gastronomic buffs .Food occupies a very important status in the
local culture and is ingrained in the philosophy of life. The city is a big
crowd puller for its mouthwatering preparations of catfish and jambalaya, an
awesome mix of shrimp, chicken, rice and sausage. The cuisine has its roots in
the Caribbean islands and is truly acceptable to the travel lovers. This place
has an exotic night to offer to the tourist looking for culinary varieties
where the open air market comes thick with aromas strong enough to stimulate
your appetite. Just after dusk, the gas lit souks have on offer terrific
barbecues prepared from lamb, poultry and camel meat. Sea food is a big hit
with the culinary tourists as well. Nightlife in Djemaa El Fna is vibrant with
gorgeous night clubs hosting electrifying performances forming an additional
attraction. Make sure that pickpockets don’t upset your culinary venture in the
Marrakech square. The Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance (OCTA) says that
culinary tourism "includes any tourism experience in which a person learns
about, appreciates, consumes or – dare we say – indulges in food and drink that
reflects the local cuisine, heritage, or culture of a place".

This concept is particularly interesting if we contrast it against our modern
society that is becoming more and more globalized, where products and services
are quickly replicated in different corners of the world. In this context, food
tourism becomes the defining characteristic of a region's identity. Culinary
tourists are not only interested in the food they're enjoying - which must be
locally sourced, of course - but also want to know more about its history, its
production and its journey to the plate. A clear example of this is the growing
success of wine tourism. Through these experiences, visitors not only taste
great wine, but also discover its origin, participate in the grape harvest and
even buy the product they helped to make.

But, what is the main motivation for these consumers? According to Good Food
Ireland: Food Tourism and Culture have become the leading hook in travel, with
authenticity the single most important movement driving consumer behaviour
today. In fact, it is this same search for authenticity that has led them to
create the global forum which is a summit that brings together experts in
gastronomy, culture, and tourism to exchange their diverse experiences,
knowledge, and education in these sectors.Food Tourism can be really
positive for our target and your business as it increases the visibility and
attractiveness of your region through differentiated value proposition (where
can you enjoy the best gazpacho and tortilla if not in Spain? And what about
the best pizza? And a hearty stew?)

· It helps to protect the identity and culture of the destination.

· It can boost inbound traffic and promotes year-round tourism.

· It attracts more middle-upper visitors who can afford to pay a little more
for meaningful experiences.

Food Producers and Food Providers: The rise of Culinary Tourism is a great
opportunity to create new products (e.g. food tasting, workshops, etc.). Why
only sell chocolate in the store if you can also invite people to learn how to
make bonbons? If you are looking for inspiration, have a look at this fantastic
blog about Food Tourism around the world.Offering a gastronomic
experience instead of just food increases the value of your product. When you
transform your business into a experience business, you become unique. You have
not only a product to offer, you also have a story to tell.Never mind if
you work in the city, in the beach, or a small town in the mountain; each place
has a story and a food tradition to share. So, what are you waiting for? Create
a tour and prepare your storytelling skills. If you want a very good example,
take a look at Free Walking Tour Ecuador.

Food tourism must be part of the destination strategy, offering a holistic
experience to visitors.

·To stop collaboration and dialogue between every agent in the process:
food providers, tour providers, tourism offices, etc. Have an online presence.
Promotion is crucial if you want to attract more tourists to your experiences.
If you want to, we can help you out.

· To offer and promote high quality local products related to the region's

· We should not forget about storytelling marketing:

A story is a great way to connect food with

· We should always look for innovation, without losing our region's

In view of the above it is evident that saving our planet, invigorating people
out of deficiency, advancing economic growth are one and the same competition
prevail and dominate our financial system tentatively. We must associate the
dots stuck between climate change, water scarcity, energy shortages, global
health, food security and women's empowerment. Solutions to one problem must be
solutions for food, in the end, in our own tradition, is something holy. It's
not about nutrients and calories; It's about sharing and It's about sincerity. It's
about distinctiveness. Most of us have warmhearted reminiscences of food from
our childhood. Whether it was our mom's homemade lasagna or an impressive
chocolate birthday cake, food has a way of transporting us back to the past.

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