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Fears away

Join me if you want to be stronger than your sicknesses
Hi there! My name is Liliia and after car accident I thought my life is damaged. I had broken spine and dislocated hip and deep bruises all over my body. I hardly could stand on my legs and I feel myself as a wooden doll with constant pain all over my body.
The first my time after operations I was surfing the internet to find out what I can do and what better don't. I was searching for people with approximate sickness as I have. Each time of reading their stories I was scared as they mentioned that their metal was broken and they had to make again operation on the spine or that bolts were out of place and again they had to operate their spine, or that their body refused metal and a lot of other stories which honestly scared me a lot! I cried every day or even several times per day as I was worry I might have the same and that was extremely stressful for my family if not too mention myself. I decided that I won't allow my life to be damaged by fears and I have to do something.
This blog I decided to create for those who scared, who couldn't find any information how to improve their condition.
I do that as I believe that human can do impossible things!
Till now I'm not perfect and I didn't back to my previous shape and feelings but it is my aim and I hope you'll join me with that!
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A life is more beautiful than you ever can imagine! You became a cripple? So what! Just do what you love to! You are still alive and this is important!

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