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FAQ on SEO, Google Ads and Search Engine Friendly Website Structure

FAQ on SEO, Google Ads and Search Engine Friendly Website Structure
Keyword research is a standout amongst the most imperative, significant, and offers the greatest return in the field of search marketing. Positioning for the correct keywords can represent the deciding.

1) For SEO, Which type of website
we should develop – CMS OR Static HTML?

means Content Management System – So, you can change the content of the website
by yourself, You do not need to depend upon the Developer OR do no need to have
the knowledge of HTML, CSS, FTP, etc. There is no harm in creating static HTML
website too but we should go for the latest technology always.

2) Which CMS Platform is better?

is the number of platforms available like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Custom
PHP, Typo 3 and many more. I found the WordPress is the best scalable platform
where you can add your plugins OR code yourself without having difficulty.
WordPress is very easy to use and navigate.

3) How many keywords, will you be
optimized for our website?

question probably was right before 7-8 years but not suits at present scenario.
is over. Need to focus more on content
optimization because any keyword optimization depends ultimately on the website
content and other parameters. If your website is enriched with unique
informative content with the keywords you desired are well integrated, then
your website will probably be highly visible with your expected keywords on
continuous promotion.

4) That location, can you promote
my web site in SEO?

you have a country specific domain and the server is hosted in that country,
your site can get listing advantage in that country.

SEO is not a country-specific promotion. It is the optimization of your website
for the entire internet. If your website is good then there are possibilities
to be listed well in other countries also. But if you wish to make
country-specific promotion, then Google AdWords is the most preferred option.

5) I am already using SEO Services
so why should I also use Google Ads?

ads are a way to reach the maximum number of audiences who are interested in
the products and services you offer. With
your website can be listed on top search results with your selected keywords
& targeted locations.

6) Does Google Search Ads Campaign
setup include only Ads & Keywords?

there are many other factors which include in Setting up each campaign like
selecting relevant network type, location selection, language selection,
landing page, adding different ad extensions, setting up goal conversions, etc.
to get better results.

7) Is regular maintenance required
after setting up Google Search Ads campaign once?

is the most important aspect of
a successful Google search Ads Campaign
as many companies only
set up the accounts. So it is always advisable to have your association with
the experienced agency and especially with Google Certified Partner credential.

8) Does website speed matters for
SEO? How we can increase website Speed?

It certainly does & Google has launched new speed test tool called
LightHouse, which mainly focus on the Image Size, First Contentful Paint, First
Meaningful Paint, Speed Index, First CPU Idle, Time of Interaction &
Latency. You need to make sure your server has better speed, you are using
caching methods available, Image size is proper, Show some content with the
loader to make client first interaction faster, Load only content needs to show
website other you can load using the service worker.

9) How long will it take to List my
desired keyword on Google first page?

Everybody is concerned about their listing on Google first page and they

Google first page listing depend on many parameters like type of website
content, type of keyword competition, your website issues like is it mobile
friendly or not? Etc. SEO is a slow and stable process giving an excellent
result over a period. Thus you should choose the right company, keep trust and
must have patience.

10) Will you give Guarantee for the
first-page position with my so and so keywords?

one can give you a guarantee of the first-page position for any keyword. Even
Google also strictly alert the people to be aware and keep a distance from the
agencies who are giving the first-page guarantee.

than guarantee, you must check the agency that how transparent and effective
they are in their promotion strategies.

11) How many backlinks will you do
for my website?

days are gone for bulk backlinks. Instead, such backlinks are counted as Spam
and even Google has warned frequently for such spam links and gives a penalty
to the website. To avoid link building and create useful content for your
viewers that improves your brand reputation and automatically you can earn
quality links from your fans, sharing your content.

12) What are the things required to
start Google remarketing?

Remarketing to follow up with the visitors who have visited your website. To
start Remarketing FTP & Admin of the website is required to implement a
tag. Once Remarketing tag is implemented it requires a minimum of 100 visitors
to start a campaign.

13) If I have a separate mobile
website than a desktop website will that harm SEO?

friendly website is a must nowadays after Google has introduced mobile first
indexing. There is the number of tools available to check your website is
mobile friendly or not. We’ve listed few in the description. SEO will not be
affected if you have a mobile website separately, but you need to take care of
a few things

• You need to have proper redirection
code so, when user open website in mobile it will open mobile website only

• You need to mention proper alternate
tag & the canonical Meta tags in HTML header

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