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Facebook Account Recovery without Email

Simple steps to recover Facebook account password without using email and phone number

Simple steps to recover a Facebook account a password without using email and phone number

  • Go to the login page
    of Facebook and there you will see the Forgotten Password? option, click
    on it
  • Then you will prompt
    to fill in the email address, username, mobile number, or full name, you
    need to enter any of the detail and click on the Search option
  • Thereafter, you have
    to click on the 'No longer have access to these?' option
  • Further, enter a new email address forFacebook account recovery without emailand
    click Continue
  • After that, you would
    see 'Reveal My Trusted Contacts' option; you need to click on it
  • And you have to follow
    all the instructions to get a recovery link that can be opened by your
    trusted friends only
  • Send the link to your
    Trusted Contact and ask them to open it
  • They will get the code
    and collect that code from your friend
  • And then, you have to
    provide that code in the provided field
  • You would see an
    option to reset the password, create a new password and confirm it

As you complete the aforementioned steps, you are done with
Facebook account recovery without emailand you will no
longer worry about using your Facebook account as you will have complete access
to your account.

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